Just stoping by to give an update.

We still don’t have a firm date of when leave to go to Africa, but we’ve got a flight window. We just finished our last hump today (it was somwehere between 12 and 15 miles). We’re nearing the end of our training. We’ve got one more week of lessons before the final test (the FEX/field exercise). We’ve been working six day work weeks, so I can’t wait until next weekend when we start to get some days off. There are rumors that we might be doing some pretty cool high speed shit (like mounting the guns on a helicopter and flying around), but it isn’t positive. We’ve got a bunch of new gear, which is pretty cool, especially considering my unit had a bunch of shitty and old stuff before. Sadly I’m not making as much money as last time though. I’m also surpisingly close to picking up Corporal (I’m 30 points away and you get 21 points every 3 months).

Well, its good to see that you’re doing better.

You can level up in only 5 or 6 months then, if you only need 30 more EXP :slight_smile: What does Corporal give you again? +2 Initiative and +1 Str?

Ah, I had to make an RPG joke. Enjoy your new gear and good luck out there.


Don’t die.