Just noticing somthing...

I’ve seen alot of people on here in several threads harp on one another about double posting and its really bugging me for one reason.

Yes, double posting takes up more post space, but theres one problem… Half the people on here have Signature lines that are at least 3 times the size of almost anything they ever post. I think THAT is a larger problem than adding on a little somthing extra in a seperate post as apposed to “editing” it.

Just my thoughts though.

Why double post when you can just edit your previous post? And when a sig is too large the Mods get after the offender.

Then turn off sigs.

Jango. Speaking of sigs… Is that supposed to just be a red x box? >.>;

In the time of Jesus, double posting was punishable by a stoneing

I always turn sigs off. Saves on load time.

No, but it’s not a dead image for me.

WOO! I can turn off sigs! Hot damn!

turns them off

Woot! The old double-post. Careful, you might break the ever-revered laws of RPG Chat boards. Gasp, heathenous.

The rules are there to govern, as such you shouldn’t break the rules for any reasons less than why you would break laws.

I have the answer to all your problems: Don’t come to the boards. Barring that, ignore everyone you can. :smiley:

It’s a dead image for me, also.

It’s a geocities image, if you visit the URL for it, it’ll work, for a while.

Most people I’ve noticed double post on accident.

they just say that so they wont get floged. :moogle:

I agree.