Just In Time For The Holidays

We at the Department of Website Security have received new info regarding possible Uriel strikes against RPGClassics. Given this, I feel it necessary to raise the Uriel Alert to Tutti Fruity. Vice Secretary Merlin may comment on this in the future.

J’accuse, la Saturne!

Did he pull some bullshit again?

We keep having these alerts but an attack never happens =p

That’s only because we continue to make preemptive strikes on Uriel’s website.

We already know that Uriel’s website contains extensive hacking tools of high enough calibur to lay waste to an entire website.

We are also aware that Uriel’s website has been housing other webpages from our old nemesis, Mr. Saturn. There is a plethora of evidence showing long established ties between Uriel and Mr. Saturn going back a decade.

For that reason, a barrage of strikes on Uriel’s website have been launched. Many disagree with our aggressive methods, saying that Uriel has not yet shown evidence or outright declared the above claims; however, the last thing RPGClassics wants is to see that evidence in the form of a 404 at our beloved URL. Consequently, our assault is justified.

Current plans are underway to take Uriel’s website under our wing and reshape it in the form of a Pokemon shrine.

LMHO x10, SG!

There’s no such thing as [STRIKE]terrorist[/STRIKE] Uriel attacks.

Mr. Saturn?! When did he get mixed up with Uriel?

Web-based radioactive waste has NO PLACE on RPGClassics!

Uriel is an evil floutist and should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. For now he is content with long-range bombardment harassment, but could he be harboring deeper and more sinister motives? More at eleven.

In other news, are dogs smarter than we think they are? A recent twelve-day study confirms that no, they are not.

REPENT, YE SINNERS! THE END IS NEAR! WE ARE ALL GONNA DIIIIIIEEE! falls into a conviently-placed manhole


now, I’m not going to say that comments like those are the same sort that someone who wants an attack would say, but well, names Ren at the next Deptarment of Website Security <strike>witch hunt</strike> meeting

Crap. I never saw what Uriel did, and I don’t want to.


gives GG a sedative

WE ARE ALL…gonna…die…fire…brimstone…deeeath… THUD

He never really did anything, he just boasted his homosexuality, babbled about a lot of shit and threatened to hack the site (Without even knowing how a webpage works in the first place).

Uriel isn’t dangerous, but it’s good to make fun of him from time to time.

Never did anything? NEVER DID ANYTHING?! You sir are no better than your typical pinko Commie scum. Uriel THREATENED this site, and that is cause enough. I hope you see the errors of your ways before Al-Urqaeda strikes.

Yeah, whatever. Go polish your penis-compensating missiles and slaughter millions of innocent users to steal their bandwidth.

You are my hero.

Moves to RPGCanada. :stuck_out_tongue: