Just in case

Woo 1000 and shit, whatever. I just wanted to do it because 984 keeps threatenting to ban me.

rejoices with SunnyD :dancer:

… Why?

Because he can? It’s 984, I stopped seriously asking a long time ago.

Who said I would ban you from the MB?

Precautionary, and it’s hard to tell your meaning…and why can I not change my title 984? Did you do something to it???

I think it takes some time for the custom title too appear. Its something I’ve seen new 1kers ask before, and I was no exception. Or, maybe we’re just so used to seeing our old control panels, we just pass over it.

No, it takes a bit for the edit title option to appear.

984 said mine’s borked, so I asked Merl.

It was there on edit my profile for me, just a couple of days ago. Might have gotten messed up since deadtear all ready had a custom title before his 1,000th?

I’ll have to be manually editted to the 1,000 Poster’s club to get it is what 984 said.

Edit: Whoever fixed me woooooooooo lav.

Doh, I apparantly hit 1,000 and 2,000 without even noticing. I hope no one expected me to do anything for those events… >_>

No-one gives a shit about your postcount! Go back to Iraq and get shot or something!

NO, sat, please don’t. Pleeeasseeee.

People who make those “OMG LOOK I HAVE POSTS!” threads are usually attention whore. I mean, we can all clearly see how many posts you have, and don’t need you to remind us. And I personally don’t see why you would save up your questions for the 1k thread, I mean it just seems retarded. “Omfg I can’t ask dt his real namez because he doesn’t have 1k posts yeetomgomgomgfwtfwtfbbqqqqqqq I’ll wait!”

With the rate people get to 1000 posts now, I would rather ask them why they spammed the god forsaken forums.



Sir, your title is a flagrant LIE. That and you’re a bitchtit.

RPGC spend that 400 bucks you donated on magic beans, just so you know.

Congrats on quadruple digits.

I have about 750 in a short time, but it’s just because I’m really active.

Don’t worry, eden, I didn’t actually have any intentions to do so. Besides, if anyone really did have some “questions” for me, they’re likely already answered on the staff bio pages, or could easily be answered on a thread pertinent to whatever question it is that they’re asking.

I just thought it was kind of funny, cause the last time I looked, I only had about 750 posts… I guess I reply a lot… >_>

Actually, most of the recent Anniversary Threads have been rather cool. But some people are still prejudiced against them (and questions threads) probably remembering all the old moronic ones. Lighten up, folks.

So You’re not Dead Vetaminesse Girl anymore, Alrighty I’ll do soming along the lines soon

Pie, your post count has gone down?