just got kingdom hearts2...AND I LOVE IT

i just got kingdom hearts2 and i love it so much. the graphics are top notch! the story is so good if u remember stuff from the first game (I mean if ur a kh nerd like me and no every single thing that happens in the game) they put it in the second game as flash backs its sooo cool!!! if u are currently playing kh2 im at the spot where you have to go find out some rumors with pence at the station!(rele far eh!) i have one problem with the game tho vivi (not viv-ve, but v-v i just found out how it was prounced playing the game lmao) he sounds like a little prissy girl :fungah: well any way if u dont have kingdom hearts 2 go out and buy it NOW!!! im telling u if u do u wont regret it! final thought: kick ass game !!!

Well, I don’t know why this is in the FFC forum but anyways…

I personally enjoy the voice-acting, its top notch. As far as Vivi is concerned, I think his voice-over is fine since it fits his character.

Man, I already started a thread on this in the Video Game Forum! Don’t you ever look anywhere else but here?

Also, http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2002/10/11

Ow ow ow. Punctuation and capitalization are your friend. Please learn to use them. X-X

well who cares on how my punctuation is! and i do look at other threads but i was to lazy to go to yours because you are dumb (just kidding i don’t even know you) lmao so …!..(-_-)…!..

You should care. It saves you from looking like an illiterate 6 year old.

Also you must be pretty screwed up if your thumbs are on the same level as the rest of your fingers lol ascii insult

The people who have to suffer through reading your posts care.