Just got fucked over...

I just got infected with a crapload of spyware, so now choose my own homepage, and more annoyingly the properties section of the desktop has been reduced to only Screen Saver, Effects and Settings, nothing else.

I ran Microsoft Anti-Spyware and it said it had removed it all, so why the fuck do I still have these problems?

Anybody got any idea’s?

It was microsoft anti-spyware. I’m not sure of the quality of it.
Try using Spybot and Adaware.
If all else fails, try just randomly deleting things with Hijack This!

Format. Make sure you backed up everything that can be safely backed up.

Spybot should get it. If not, try Spy Sweeper because it’s more thorough, but be warned that Sweeper tends to pick up programs you use (Notepad for example) as adware.

Ah shit. I haven’t, mind you it’s mostly music that I’ll miss…but I suppose I can get it all back.

Anybody got links?

I would advise the random deleting with Hijack This! You can easily delete files that you may actally need.

That being said, take Steve’s advice and download Adaware and Spybot. Make sure you keep your spyware and virus definitions up to date. I like to update mine at least once a month.

HijackThis is great, but unless you really know what you’re looking at, the logfile can be confusing. Use this to translate it into something you can understand:


The properties window thing is not spyware. Thats a virus. I have no idea what the name is, but i know i read a security bulletin about it. Get some virus scanning tools and check yourself out.

It doesn’t sound like the regular annoying spyware out there if DD says it changed his Properties.

Yeah I got SpyBot but my home-page is fucked.

Yeah I think I’ll wipe this laptop.

And I have some Anti-Virus software, but it didn’t work.

…This has nothing to do with what you were talking about…but you signature is awesome.

Oh, and uh, download McAffee…I guess that means I stayed on topic.

Ah… I wouldn’t really advise McAffee… WAY much more trouble than it’s worth in all cases I’ve found… In fact one time where it actually was the problem… Hah…


Did you run them in safe-mode or in normal mode? You’ve got to run them in safe-mode or the spyware will still be loaded and just reinstall itself once you reboot. And don’t get McAfee, bug me or Tenchimaru Draconis about Symantec Anti-Virus 9.1.

Did you try a System Restore to before the symptoms started?

Free antivirus software. I use it, and it works rather well.

Thanks Nul, I completely forgot about safe mode.

Yeah I’m looking into some options, cause now that I think about it I really don’t want to format my PC.

Well, I’ve heard some good things about the Avast antivirus. As for the rest, I use a combination of Norton Antivirus, Ad-Aware, Spybot, SpySweeper and SpySubtract. But personally, I think Norton is limited when it comes to removing Trojan-corrupted files. I often have to wait for it to detect them, and then restart in safe mode and delete them myself. But if you can’t get rid of all the crap, then you should definitely format and take the chance to get some additional protection.