Just curious...

I’ve been thinking (actually, for a few years now) about having an RPGC meet down here in Texas. If I were to do so, perhaps late this summer or sometime in the fall or winter (or, if necessary, sometime next summer), would anyone actually be willing to come down here? I have a friend who is a travel agent, and she could get anyone who wants to come a good rate on airfare, and between my apartment and the house that I may eventually inherit someday, I’ve got about 5 bedrooms and 3 living rooms to loan out to people to sleep on. I just thought it’d be fun to meet some people in person…

Just a thought.

You know I’d be down if you did it at a time I could go, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I’m in. I’ll be in Florida starting mid-August, and though Florida’s still far from anywhere from Texas, it’s closer than NJ.

Sounds empting, since I’m the closest here in oklahoma… but I’m still only 15.
Which sucks balls.
Go ahead, laugh at me.

You make me feel old.

I might consider it, depenging when it might be held. If it occurs, though, it must be dubbed RPGConfederacy. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. >:(

That sounds fair.

I’m down.

I’d be down, provided the timing was right and that I could afford it.


I’ve got the latter half of July and the first week of August. Hit me with the best you’ve got.

Hmm, I wonder how much a train from PA to TX is…

Good luck finding a train stop in Dallas. Hell, good luck finding <I>any</I> public transportation in Dallas.

Philly to Dallas is anywhere between $185 and $300. However, it would also require switching trains in New York/DC and Chicago. And it would take like 22 hours at least.