Just curious, but has anybody been contacting me trough MSN?

Because recently about twenty people became contacts in my MSN and I haven’t gotten any messages from them for days except for spam. This bothers me, because I don’t like having useless shit on my list. Since this is one of the only places in which my E-Mail is posted, I though at least one or two of them might be from here. I deleted all unknown contacts and deleted my E-Mail from those other places, so if you tried to add me to the contact list recently, please tell me and I’ll fix that.

Why the fuck do people use MSN? I’ll never understand it.

I dunno. I use e-mail mostly. AIM is just 'cause all my angsty teen friends use it.

I use MSN as a substitute to ICQ.

edit: and no, Seraphim, I don’t have you in my MSN contacts, but I’ll add you now. You’ll know it’s me.

I tried to add you (rpgmaker2k@web.de), but apparently, it didn’t work.

Because they haven’t discovered ICQ.

The reason so many people use MSN is because they’re computer illiterate retards who only use the idiot program that comes installed on Windows XP.

That’s windows messenger, Xelo. I use MSN Messenger because I got sick of ICQ/AIM and it has a few extra other useful options (which yahoo messenger also has, but no one uses it).

I’m saying that a large portion of the computer illiterate world uses Windows Messenger (Which is the same essentially as MSN Messenger), and because all those people use it, their friends have to get MSN MEssenger, and their friends, and their friends, etc.

Yeah, I added you. I got offended when you didn’t come online and talk to me, so I moped around all New Years Eve with a broken heart.

Because they don’t know what Jabber is.

Xelo: Yes, I use it because all those who I have any sort of interest in contacting use it. What good is to have ICQ/AIM if you have nobody to talk?

Eva: Forgive me, oh fair maiden. I was busy sleeping.

Those computer illiterate retarded idiots!

I’ve never even seen what MSN looks like. Is it just like AIM? But more stupid, or something?