Just call m X_COLLEGEguy... (ok don't)

Greetings! Here I am from SUNY Oswego, right off of the southern coast of Lake Ontario.

I moved in esterday afternoon, and my room is so great. I moved into the newly renovated freshman dorm, which is considered by most Oswego students to be the palace/hotel of Oswego. My room is pretty spacious, or at least I can fit all of my clothes/TV and computer and stereo in the room with plenty of room for my roommate who moves in later today. I brought my Gamesube, N64, and Plastation with me. The great part is that I can hook them up to my stereo, (SSBM sounds great!) I don’t have my internet account set up yet, that happens later today. Right now I’m on this crappy iMac Internet Kiosk thing. Oh well.

Today I’m kind of busy since I have to do all of my orientation type of stuff along with meeting my advisors and such. My stuff gets started at about 9:00 and that goes through about 4 or so. So I’l actually find out what books I have to buy and so forth.

I think I’m going to have a really good time here. I’ve already made friends with the secretary of the Geek Club, (or Storytellers Guild if you want to get technical). So I think apart from that whole education thing that goes on here I’m going to have a good time.

Bye for now.

Have fun, and welcome to life :cool:

X_COLLEGEguy, that doesn’t make sense either way. You’re in college, so you’re not ex-college guy. But cross-college guy makes no sense whatsoever. Whatever, enjoy orientation while it lasts, cause once it’s done there WILL be work to do. (Although you can just slack off and not do it)

The secretary… Mike is a really interesting fellow. The people in the STG are really nice… for the most part. So don’t worry.

Oh- and don’t make the same mistake as I did or… or… I’ll… uh… eat onions until you can smell me in Oswego!

Wow. SOMEONE’s hyped up for college :victoly:

Me? I’m just here, and I’m glad of it. With plenty of new women to stal-FOLLOW! I said follow.

X, give us some details about the women-folk up in Oswego!

Congratulations. You are now one step closer to hell.

Have a nice time at college.

Yeah I just started at the University of South Florida. Good luck and may the Force be with You

Isn’t this like a seriously old topic…?

I thought this topic seemed kinda tired, go figure. :\


ahkeeyuu, your new name is Necromancer. You brind dead threads back to existence like nobody’s business.

Originally posted by demigod
ahkeeyuu, your new name is Necromancer. You brind dead threads back to existence like nobody’s business.