Just beat Earthbound.....

And here comes my mini-review of it, without spoilers.

Graphics : Yep, I found this amusing, they are reminiscent of the NES era, but they work in this game, the sometimes colorful and psychadelic battle backgrounds were interesting and fortunately did not bother me !

Story : Great story, nice presentation of characters, intersting plot development at points.

Music : Woo !! This I really liked, if I were to compare the music in Earthbound to a painting, it would have pretty much all of the imaginable colors on it, so to speak.

Gameplay : It’s pretty much based off the stuff found in Dragon Warrior.

In essence a very nice old-school RPG, for those who think it’s either too silly to try out, play it through, the final sequences are SO worth it !!!

Edit : A big thanks goes for Merlin who reccomended me this game a while back, I’m really glad I took the time to play it ^^;

EB r0xx0rz your b0xx0rz. 'nuff said. :cool:

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Am I the only one who thought Earthbound was highly overrated? It was actually entertaining…until it degenerates into nothing but non-stop fart jokes. Not only that, but the general goofiness got in the way of the game numerous times, I didn’t know what the fuck all those status ailments did, and you gain money at such a slow rate that you’ll never be able to afford the best equipment for everyone.

I thought the graphics were good for the nostalgia, but the music…oh dear god, it was painful. They took the nostalgia too far and gave it VERY early NES music, which is nothing more than beeps and boops. The sound was even worse; there seemed to be only about three different sound effects in the whole game.

Then there’s the gameplay. It wasn’t that bad, really, but the menus must go to hell for all eternity. That’s why I couldn’t stand Dragon Warrior; the whole screen gets covered with menus when you try to heal. And in combat, your PSI attacks deal little damage to enemies, but if they use a PSI Shield and bounce it back, it kills your entire group. A big problem in terms of balance.

Okay, I’ve said my piece. gives everyone rusty hooks to tear him apart with

Just for the record, I’m pretty sure the game only contained about three fart jokes.

Seriously, somone explain to me why people like that awful, awful game.

Earthbound kicks ass. I am no longer an object of Charle’s interest for liking it. Huzzah.

And just about everything Galloway said, I can argue with. But it’s late, and I don’t feel like it.

recommends EB to everyone else

I didn’t say I hate everyone that likes it… but you seem to be happy at the thought of me not liking you…

… :too bad;

EB > Charle. 'Nuff said.
And there aren’t many fart jokes. I only really remember one.

Earthbound Rocks your Cocks.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
[b]I didn’t say I hate everyone that likes it… but you seem to be happy at the thought of me not liking you…

… :too bad; [/b]

Aww. That was only a half-hearted ‘huzzah.’ gives Charle a cookie

Originally posted by Exo
Earthbound Rocks your Cocks.

Regardless of my actual opinion of it, simply for saying that, you deserve to die by computer-generated bullets. Have a nice day. [BLAM BLAM BLAM] But yeah, I guess it was okay … if you use cheat codes on your emulator to instantly get up to L99 and constantly have $99999 …

Glad you had fun with it, DG. I love the game to death, having bought it shortly after it came out. Now, years later, I managed to get to LV 99 with the whole team and even got the Sword of Kings. 8)

And the music was great! I’ve got the SPC files for it on a playlist, and I suggest some of you go and do the same. The later battles have really cool techno-esque music to them, and the town themes are very calming and relaxing to listen to, as town themes should be. There are lots of other great tracks too, and the Runaway Five tune is really catchy!

What fart jokes are you talking about? I only remember one.

Actually, come to think of it … the less said about Master Belch, the better.

points to Yar’s title

In other news, I want this game. Badly. Any game with hippies is cool.

Originally posted by Phoenix Valkyrie
[b]points to Yar’s title

In other news, I want this game. Badly. Any game with hippies is cool. [/b]

I’ll sell you the game for 20$ just the cart itself I don’t have anything else with it. It’s so old schoo. :cool:

I liked the concept of Earthbound more than the game itself.

The gameplay was like DW, obviously, but with it’s perks and parodies.

The story progression was more original than anything at it’s time, I feel.

And the music is definately a perk, from the Blues Brother-ish style of the Runaway Five, to the trip-hop techno battle songs, even down to Brick Mans song. Most notable, the ending songs where everything goes 8-bit, then to acid rock, then to Atomsmasher-ish background music, to utter, mad, chaos, etc.

Otherwise, I didn’t like playing the game at all. I just like to discuss it.

Originally posted by Sephiroth Katana
What fart jokes are you talking about? I only remember one.

Same here.

And yes, check out starmen.net Especially the picture spoofs. Some of those are just hee-liarious.

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
and even got the Sword of Kings. 8)

Pfft. Alright, now let’s see you get the REST of the “128” items.

For those who don’t know, the 128 Items, as I like to call then, are super-rare items that certain enemies drop, and the chances of getting them are 1 out of 128.