Just a stray thought considering Final Fantasy V...

So. The ancient civilization of Ronka. A very advanced society that produced mechanical wonders that to this day, can’t be easily replicated. But they buried their civilization when it was found that the Earth Crystal was in danger of shattering, to save the world. Wonderful, how noble.

But let me ask you this: if they were so great, where did they get the Brilliant idea to Use the Earth Crystal to make their city float in the sky.

The Earth Crystal. TO MAKE THEIR CITY FLY.

As far as I can see, this was nothing more than one gigantic case of flipping the powers that be the finger and going “neener neener”. Really. If they wanted to have a floating city, why not use, oh I dunno, the Crystal that’s actually geared toward flight? Not the Crystal aligned with the exact opposite of flight! Honestly!

THe point of this story? Ancient civilizations could be jsut as big a bunch of dicks as the current civilizations are. And thuis ends Val’s rant on nothing special at all.

Only with bigger weapons.