Just a quick update

Well, I’m still here in Iraq. I’m doing my thing. I’m definitely ready to go home (but it is so far away). With recent events, I felt it appropriate to change my title (yes, after 4 years). Anyway, that is pretty much it. If you guys have any questions I’ll answer them. I check the board almost every day.

What have you been up to and why are you tired of Iraq?

Saaaaaand. But yeah man, how ya been? What recent events might you be referring to?

Eh, hope there’ll be no excitement.

In this kind of situation, boring = safe.

Question out of the left field: Would you rather be reassigned to Haiti? They need good people to help keep the peace there while the rescue efforts go on.

Did anyone hear what Hugo Chavez has to say about our intervention in Haiti?

Yes and I don’t disagree. Cuba sends thousands of doctors all over the world to places that even native doctors, brainwashed by capitalism, won’t go. The US sends marines? Trained in what, first AID if that? Since the 1981 the US has entered forced reparations on Haiti; having cut the country off from much needed IDB funds (the US has veto powers within the organization). The US took 6 years to return the over 160,000 pages and pictures of government documents they took during their 1994 invasion of the country; and only after international support. During the same time, because the US was forcing reperations from Haiti, any refugees they found trying to leave the country were shipped to live in legal limbo in concentration-camp style tents in Guantanamo bay for years without processing from the INS; and of the ones who actually made it to US soil? Eight of 24,559 where accepted. Clearly the US is a wonderful country we should all trust and their actions should never be questions.

So Info, spread any imperialism while you were there?


Sin: My days usually consist of going out to one of the towns in my area to meet with important people and help them work their issues or keep tabs on things. The drives are just so long and get old quickly. I’m definitely not bored, but I want to go home and be with my girlfriend.

Cro: I’ve been good. Work sucks, but the personal life is great. I’ll just say I’ve had my fill of excitement. If I don’t have anymore, it won’t bother me.

Wil: I probably would. I probably wouldn’t have as many things to worry about and it’d be much easier. Plus I’d have the money to actually do things.

After Eden’s last line and previous conversations, I had to put Eden on my ignore list (along with Hades). It was either that or yell at Eden and that wouldn’t have been productive. Then of course Hades would come into to defend Eden’s honor and that would just be pointless. So yeah. I don’t mind controversial comments, just not personal attacks.

Eden, you don’t have to be mad about these things, just hope it gets better. If it really bothers you, try and do something about it; there is no reason to attack Infonick.

Well, good for you then, mate. Hope you get to go home soon enough and get to doing whatever it is you feel you need to do.

No. :3

Oh and I highly doubt Hades would defend my honour; but I appreciate you putting me on ignore, it shows you can’t deal with the reality of your situation.


It also shows a willingness to abide by the Agora’s rules when, I believe, both of you have been warned for your comments towards each other regarding the military.


Usually the military comes up with really tough-sounding names, like Tomahawk Missle, or Apache Helicopter…where did ‘Walkie-Talkie’ come from?’

GENERAL: What’ve you got there, soldier?

SOLDIER: It’s a portable communication device which allows me to contact other soldiers quickly and easily, which has proven essential during battle conditions.

GENERAL: What’s it called?

SOLDIER: It’s a walkie-talkie! See I talkie…and I can walkie (walking around jerkily)…here, general, you walkie-talkie too!

GENERAL: What’s this explosive device?

SOLDIER: It’s a Whammy Kablammy! (holding gun) and this is my Rooty Tooty Aim-and-Shooty!

GENERAL: I like it.

Luckily I don’t have to go out the next couple of days so it gives me a chance to recover a bit after such a rough week. It was strange though, during my excitement, I didn’t get an adrenaline rush at all. In fact, I didn’t feel anything. I have to say, Iraqi forces are quick responders, I am quite impressed.

I wish I had an idea of when I was going home though. I’ve been told 4 possible months I’ll be going home in, so it is pointless to pay attention to any of them.

I have to say though, the people out here are the nicest people in the world…most of them. Today I had lunch with a police chief I work with at his home (he has a very nice house). It was great. Unfortunately I was a bit out of it today, I think I’m just tired.

It sounds like community service with guns, and worse weather.

Girlfriend? Did you meet someone in El Paso?

Maybe it’s that girl that he somehow impregnated. What happened with that anyway?

Lets just say: we don’t have to worry about the welfare of her child anymore…

Don’t tell me…You didn’t…You didn’t eat her baby, did you?