just a generic game recommendation request thread

I’m trying to find an rpg with a novel and well developed magic system. Something where the magic does more than just hit the target’s weakpoint for MASSIVE DAMAGE or drop stats. The more out there and crazy spells and effects in it the better, with major bonus points if the game is actually designed with the use of such as a main way to achieve your goals.

You want Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. The main charachter’s Alchemy system has all sorts of neat effects, and there’s a wide variety of ways to interact with your environment. Plus, there’s a very extensive item crafting system to play with.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call. Hit an enemy with an elemental weakness or status effect, and you get an extra “turn”. Properly comboed, you can have around 8 turns per round (as opposed to the standard 4).

The same goes for you, though. Enemies can rape you and your team based on elemental weaknesses and status effects. And by enemies, I mean random encounters. Seriously, this game is HARD.

Also, as a nice change of pace, status effects are AWESOME (mostly 25% buffs/debuffs that stack), and work on bosses.

Agreed. Also, the system in Atelier Iris 2 is even better, but that game is so easy you can finish it without ever touching the Mana Items in combat.

Played the hell out of it back around January. Other than the turns thing and the overpowered buffs (which every boss near the end would just cancel) the magic system was pretty standard.

No arguement there.

Try the Mana series. Though the magic does hit the weakness of enemies, its not necessiary to have. And the magic system itself is somewhat fun to use.

The Wild Arms series always has spells with interesting effects. Same with Arc the Lad Collection.

The mana series is good.Tree of mana.Sword of Mana and Children of Mana are fun.

Other than Atelier Iris I’ve already played all the games in this thread and they really aren’t what I’m looking for. Atelier Iris looks like something that’ll just drive my OCD crazy and not much else.

I’m looking for something with magic at least as out of the ordinary as Rudra no Hihou, preferably with more emphasis on terrain alteration, teleportation, summoning (in the monsters come and fight sense, not the FF sense) and/or walls/barriers. Time affecting magic is always fun as well. Illusions would also be nice, as would polymorphing. All of these things need not be there, but as many as can be found would be nice.