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I’m spending way too much time thinking about <a href=“http://quiz-em-all.com/quizzes/1-computer-game-quiz/”>The Great Computer Game Quiz</a> and it’s <a href=“http://quiz-em-all.com/quizzes/3-computer-game-quiz-2/”>sequel</a>.

After asking friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, and total strangers on the internet I’ve identified 60/80 games. (36/40 on the first quiz and 24/40 on the second.)

How many of the classics do <i>you</i> know? :wink:

29 of the first, 13 of the second. Probably more with the hints. Which is 5 from the first?

PS If you don’t leave a gap in some of the two word games it doesn’t register the result ahem38

5 on the first is when you return to earth from hell at the end of the game before. (And the first game has recently been remade, too.)

What? Of course I can’t just TELL you what it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Unless you want to trade answers. I know most of them, and if you know some that I don’t, I think we can make… Arrangements. :P)

Yeah, 38 is kinda annoying like that, and I really like how most people I talk to are basically tearing their hair yelling “which bomberman is it?!” ^^

I recognize several of the games from various shows and such. I could name about 10 on the first one. I’ll try the second one right now. Got 3 on the second. Didn’t recognize as many games.

Sure, tell me which you don’t have (fitting request for Pokefreak :stuck_out_tongue: ). There better things to do but I bet I’ve played 5 and I’m just plain curious.

Re:38, in my time it was still called that /cranky kong mode

14 on the first, though I did just skip through it, a slightly more pathetic 9 on the second. Some of tghem are obscure, though #31 on the second one is distinctive enough.

OK, I’ve worked my way through hints and trades and stuff, so now I only need 7 on the second quiz. :smiley:

I need 1, 7, 8, 19, 26, 30 and 33. :slight_smile:
I can help with hints for any others. :smiley:

Sorry, don’t got these. But if I remember 30 I’ll tell you. I think it also had a 3D0 or psx version

So it’s Doom II. I always thought doom had something to do with a Martian colony but then again I didn’t really ever notice the story (shoot demon with a shotgun!)

sorry for the spoilers

8 on the first and 4 on the second.

That tetris clone brings back memories of the old 486.

Poke, 30 is Block Out. I somehow had the impression it was called Break Out, which seems to have been another name for Arkanoid.

Yes, doom does indeed start on a space colony, but for the final part you go through the portal that has been opened there down to hell, and in the very memorable ending scene (it’s one of the few gaming endings that I really, really remember well) you return to earth to find that when you were busy kicking demons in hell, the really bad ones were kicking humans on earth.

Thanks for that answer. :smiley:


Jerks, they don’t accept the main title for number three (first quiz).

Eventually got up to 15 on the first, although it took me a little while to recognize some of them. 8 on the second.

Heh, I’ve never even thought of using the main title for #3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most people only refer to it as the subtitle anyway.