Great movie. Great sound track.

Go see it now, it’s hilarious and very empowering to women!

I’ve never laughed so hard as when she screams “THUNDER CATS ARE GO!” referring to her water breaking. Oh god, I honestly didn’t stop laughing for the next hour.

What are you reading my spoiler for? Go see it! Then come back and comment.


I liked how she has such a harsh way of saying stuff. “Like, I’d just squirt it out now and give it to you, put from what I understand it kinda looks like a seamonkey right now. Might wanna wait until it cute-in ups a little.”

I know! I loved the exchange she had with her step-mom; “Aim for the sky!” ahhhahaha so great. Totally gonna buy it on DVD- gotta support this culture capitalism.


It was like a movie version of an Urban Outfitters catolog.

Are you guys for real? That movie sucked. For starters, it was completely unrealistic. There was a senior pregnant at my school when I was a junior and everybody was always hella nice to her. And then it was mostly just a bunch of anti-abortion propaganda with an annoying teenage girl that talks too much on the side. Overall, that movie gets a big thumbs down.

You’re ignoring the fact that Juno was pretty much a social outcast by choice even before she got pregnant.

I also fail to see how it was really anti-abortion propaganda. The titular character chooses not to have an abortion, and while the ending is generally happy, she does have to go through childbirth, and the act of giving away her child is clearly emotionally painful for her. The movie gives not having an abortion as an alternative to having one and, theoretically, shows that it can work, but, overall, I think the main reason Juno did not have an abortion is bcause, had Juno had an abortion, the movie might have been, like, half an hour long.

I don’t get the urban outfitters comment, literally, either, but I assume it was just a “hipster movie” comment, which is true.

hmm, I’m thinking about watching it. :o it had pretty good reviews on RT (then again, so did enchanted. and they have a new icky layout >:B )