Julius Caeser

I need a good picture of julius caeser for a school project. By good i mean, he needs to look proud and sort of like a warrior. I know such a picture exists, but when i search for it all i get are pictures of weddings (damn google >_<) or pics of him looking real scrawny and poor. Thx for helping guys. Just direct me to the link if you find anything. No specific dimensions are needed.

Best I could find atm

Try looking through the Perseus Project, a good website for research on things Graeco-Roman:


Caesar WAS a skinny mofo 8P.

I actually saw the statue in the 2nd post. It was neat.

Looks like he’s giving us the finger in that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, why go with a lousy statue, use a pic of him from some Asterix comic! :slight_smile: