Wheee. I think the blanking- demon decided to pay me a few visits.
First of all, my dear golden sun game… I got all of the djinnis, the best equipment, RAN through the game to get the best stats as possible and to transfer it to golden sun 2. What happens? Exactely. All my savegames are gone. Now you’d say, “So? What happens happens. Happened to me too, life goes on.” So went I, and one week later I found myself playing Aidyn Chronicles again. I had been playing on this game since last year, getting everything possible, stats, skills, well, same old. It took me so long because the characters die pretty fast. And once they’re dead, there’s no way to revive them. Dead is dead. So it took me a LONG while to level them up, and now that I am in the FINAL city of the game- a power suspension. EXACTELY at the moment I saved. :fungah: FINE.
At least I finally had time to work on my own rpg project, and that really cheered me up. :victoly: I seriously was proud of myself, had I not drawn so much stuff for this game, over 100 pictures, wrote pages of storyline and characteristics to make even every single NPC unique- in short, finally something I could be proud of. The demo was almost finished; just an epilogue and in about 2 or 3 days I would’ve put a request for beta- testers in my sig…
You got it. It’s gone. The whole d- drive is blank, and I have no idea why. No virus, no errors, nothing actually. Yesterday everything was there, today it’s not. Not even after a few reboots. Yes, I made backup files, and they’re gone too. ~_~
Anybody got a good file recovery program? I feel pretty empty right now. Just thought I’d type that out.

Oh man… that’s just horrible DT. I sure hope you’ll manage to recover all your hard work :frowning:

GYaaaaah. I’m sorry DT. hugs DT lots ant lots and lots That majorly sucks…

Losing always drive me mad.
Maybe your savegames gone because you use a illegal copy.

Wow, that’s really bad. Sorry DT.

/me gives you a cookie factory.

: Mr. Angry Smilie offers to help you beat something, or someone, into a bloody pulp and afterwards have a skull of bloodwine.

Any idea how it could have happened? Did you do anything, call it unusual, right before the files dissapeared? How old is the drive, and what brand is it?: Harddrives are known to die from old age, and certain brands are more unreliable than others. In fact, some are very prone to failing. Needless to say: My drive happens to be one of those, I’ve been lucky till now though.

As for recovering. There are programs that can do it: You can probably find some after a search on And then there are firms who do it: They can recover almost anything; for a fee, of course.

Best of luck with regaining those files.

Wow, that REALLY sucks, DT. hands DT some cookies

When I’m working on something important I make backups before doing anything. I also make backups every minute. That leads me to having 20 copies of the same work in some extreme cases, each in a stage. When I finish I delete most of them, leaving only the three most relevant. Yeah, I’m blanking paranoid. I’ve passed by things similar to that you passed, but related to job instead of RPG.

Oh man… it sucks so much when stuff like that happens. Well, the best suggestion I could offer is doing what Nulani said… searching for ‘undelete’ or ‘recover’ should get you a bunch of programs that could help with getting back deleted things. But if those won’t work, I’m afraid all I could offer then is a shoulder to cry on…

The thing with any programs that will recover files (and there are plenty at is that you’ll either need to buy the software or coughAQUIREcough a register keycode…

See DT, that is why you ALWAYS back up with atleast three different discs for important stuff.

One disc can get broken. Two discs is much less unlikely. Three? Not a chance in hell. Not until you’ve made new backups anyhow… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I know how you feel - Something similar happened to me when I was working on a WoT map way back then.

I’m really sorry to hear that, DT =/ I remember how upset I was when my Lufia 2 cart lost all my saves- especially since one of them had maxed out levels and done everything in the game (including all but one Iris treasure.)

Ouch. :frowning:
Sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll get your data back, but I dunno how out of the bat. :confused:

God, DT, That Royaly Sucks!

Well, for GS, try GameFAQs and see if they have passwords for games with all the Djinni (cuz you’ll want all the djinni so you can access the hypersupersummon whatever it may be). Or I could give you mine, if you don’t mind being Lv. 42 or so (I think that’s where I was around) in exchange for having all the Djinni.

I echo what everyone else has been saying. If I were you I wouldn’t have the patience to do all that again…my computer and such would be out the window while I try to calm myself down. Sounds like a lot of hard work, all went down the drain:(

I know how it is. My old computer broke down on a monthly basis. I lost count of all the times I had to format it, sending all the files down the drain.

Well, if you know your computer dies constantly, then back stuff up. If you don’t, it’s your own fault.

The old computer didn’t have a CD-R drive. Thank God I’ve already replaced that thing! The new machine runs very smoothly!

I’m sorry that happened. I don’t think I can say anything but… gee, that sucks. -_- :fungah: