Has anybody ever played these games? I thought they were pretty cool, but Ive only played the first and third one. You sorta travel back in time to find out stuff that has happend in time. In the third one, you visit atlantis, shangri la, and somewhere else. All the times connect to eachother, such as something you find in one place you use in another time.

Interesting games, but I’ve never heard much about them.

I played the first two. The second was quite OK. Nice voice acting and a funny A.I. named Arthur. But generally I like adventures like “Monkey Island” more than Myst-style adventures.

I think arthur is in the third one…

…I think I’ll download the third one, it was pretty damn cool.

It would be really cool if Arthur is also in the third one. That might be the reason why I should play it some day.

I have the first one, and looking for the other two.

I played the first one. It simply rocked.

Circuit City gave me the first one for free with the purchase of our first computer. It was cool, in concept, but I was only like, 8 at the time, so I was too stupid to figure any of it out.

i played 2 for a while back when i was like 10… but i kept on dieing, or getting stuck (hey, my english was still somewhat lacking at the time, ok? :P)… it’s sorta like a predcessor to Myst, i guess… the graphics were very good for its time… so… eh :stuck_out_tongue: