Jon Stewart entertains yet again

The topic? Congress’ ignorance on the whole videogame issue.

I’m not american so some details went above my head, but I laughed a fair bit.

It was pretty funnny. I’ve never actually seen Jon Stewart live before (no cable for the past five years) but he seems to kind of poke fun at things without moralizing or taking sides. He doesn’t try to say that video games aren’t violent or that kids should be playing M games. I think he didn’t have a solid viewpoint about whether games do cause violence or not - the throwaway line about Columbine seemed to indicate that he thinks there is a correlation, but the first few minutes seemed to indicate that there isn’t. Still, not always do you have to have a specific viewpoint about something to comment on it. :sunglasses:

Saw it, and loved it. In one hour Stewart and Colbert make my entire day.

This wins soooo hard.

For some reason, that video doesn’t play in Firefox. Fortunately, I saw it last night. Good commentary. That’s amongst the only issue that I deeply disagree with representatives of my own party on.

Yeah, they do that. They so pwn.

Strange, I’m using Firefox and saw it just fine.

Anyway, Jon Stewart wins at everything.

*Clap, clap, clap.

Ditto, though the vid was a bit jerky.

Odd, today it’s working fine… o_O

Youtube was down last night. Since the video is hosted on Youtube, it couldn’t play. That would be the problem.

Having Mario, the vicious mass murderer, pleading the Fifth Amendment – just brilliant. John Stewart never disappoints me.

I’m so sorry.

Back on topic I thought this was funny. I like his rating system.

Don’t be. I’m really not missing much. On the other hand, there’s a lot that you’ve missed by sitting in front of the tube.