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dammit dt, you should’ve put yourself on as Iraq, then we’d get a middle-east RPGC presence going.

Fine, I’ll put Iraqi-dt on as well >:(

Also, tis been stickied.

Stupid thing won’t recognize my zip code OR Cabo Rojo. ~_^

Where’s our Antarctica RPGCers? >_<

Yea, alot of people outside the US/UK seem to have trouble getting it to be precise :\

I’m the bastard in the country who’s monopolizing the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Much funness. I’m there. :slight_smile:

Actually, now I think of it I’m slightly outside Cork, but it’s close enough.

I’m in Toronto, same as Cless, but there’s only one marker on that city. Where the hell am I?

Alright! I’m the only one in BC. :runaway:

I’m also in Toronto.

If you zoom in on Toronto at the highest level the marker is sitting on Lake Ontario. :hahaha;

I joined, I joined!

Ogontz campus? They don’t even call it that anymore. It’s Penn State, Abington Campus. And the name of the town is Abington, anyway. Dumbasses.

How do you delete shoutouts? I accidently put mine twice.

Ha, 80% of RPGCers live on the East Coast.

I’m the only person in Ottawa ;.;

I didn’t know what the hell to write, so I just quoted the Simpsons. :x

Jezus H Belfast, that caffeine demon freaked me out O_o;

Someone has to rock up from the best part of the world. Now yo too can see its awesomness incarnate!