Join the club.

Check it out, add yourself if you want. Its a cool little applet for communities based on google maps.

Edited to update the URL.

That’s quite awesome.
I’m now on it.

I cant see my Canadian self.

You’re way off to the left.

Man, we’d wanted to do a feature like this for the RPGC staff for years now.

oh I didnt know you could move the map…

Added myself, but wish I could delete my first shoutout as it doesn’t have linebreaks.

Just like the bus trip, eh?

Nelson, NH is too small to be on the map. It listed me as being in Munsonville. Ah, well …

EDIT: Whoops, guess it is listed. It just says Munsonville when you click on it. Ah well.

This is cool. It’s funny that there’s almost no one(as of yet) is anywhere other than the east, gulf, or west coast.

EDIT: Now there are some.

EDIT 2: I zoomed in and the marker actually is about 5 blocks from my house. Awsomeness.

I’m there too. Northeastern coast of Brazil.

Ireland has more cities then most other places.

Wow. I didn’t know that I lived so close to Dev and Him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me am there now. So far… ;_;

Whoops, fucked up on the town, then discovered my proper location. Remove plz.

For some reason, it lists me being in PERRINE.

I live in Miami, not Perrine. >_>

Added. I’m lonely ;_;

Yeah, it puts me in the wrong city, too. I’m unincorporated, technically. Oh well. Oh, and look, it’s real Arac! From a year ago!


How long till we all forget this exists?