Johnny Depp to play sexy author in upcoming movie

yeah, thats old news though. Saw the trailer about 3-4 weeks ago

Might be good… Or absolutely terrible. But Johnny Depp is so damn professional, at least <i>his</i> part is bound to be good.

Looks good.

Looks like a new twist on an old storyline. Could be good though.

Johnny Depp played an author in The Secret Window, though that movie was of the ehh could have been better sort.

Oh its about the guy that wrote Peter pan, i vaguely remember hearing that there was gonna be a movie like this. Scottish accent =D~

I agree with Jing, could be good or it could be a complete waste of time.

I liked him in Friday the 13th.

I love Johnny Depp… So this movie has already been on my must see list for a couple of weeks ^^

I thought you were talking about Secret Window before I saw the trailer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too, I really enjoyed the secret window, I love movies with strange plot twists at the end, its cool just to go back and remember all the parts where the twist is hinted at.