Johnny Carson has died

Farewell and Thank You to one of the best. I’d like to have been a little older and seen a little more of his show while it was still on.

Well, yet another entertainer has passed into the great beyond. :frowning:

I’m old enough to have actually watched Carson when he was hosting the Tonight Show. However, I only got cable in the late 80’s, and I didn’t even watch Late Night Talk Shows at first, so I only caught the tail end of his performances. Still, I enjoyed them and I can see why he became such an Icon to American audiences. None of his succesors (Letterman, Leno, O’Brian, etc.) ever had the same grace.

I hear that in his private life, Carson was a Tough Old Guy, going so far as to tell Letterman to quit NBC after the Network decided to replace Carson with Leno after promising the TS seat to Dave. I admire him for that (but not for being married four times!)

Well, it’s the beggining of a new century, so I guess it’s only logical that all our old heroes are passing away these days.

Question: Where are the new ones?

That is some weird and wild stuff. Rest in peace Johnny.


It’s still sad to see the great ones go.