Job question

I’m thinking about going to this place, it’s basically factory work, and it’ll be second shift, but I’ll be getting around $3000 a month.
Think it’s worth it?

I really think it is, seeing as I’m up til 2:30 in the morning normally anyway… and I’m guaranteed 55 hours a week, which is basically 4-2 everyday. And it’s pay and a half.
Edit: You get paid every thursday as well. Plus, the criteria for being hired aren’t very specific.

Hell yea, i worked in a factory once, its not so bad, but jesus, 3k a month is awesome. Take it.

A friend of mine got a job in meat factory with similar pay/times to yours…he thought it’d be ideal till he started throwing up all the time.

Mind you that WAS a meat factory…I say go for it…sounds good, and try it out for a bit, if you don’t like it you can always quit.

55 hours a week. Have you ever worked before? You DON’T want to work that many hours doing repetetive work. Trust me.

It’s packaging things for proctor and gambel.

Tide, Downy, Gain, Era, etc…

Making, packing, shipping, whatever I get put into.

Edit: yeah, That’s what I’m really worried about. I hate working too much. I did 40 hours at mcdonalds, and that NON repetitive work almost fucked me over… well, non-repetitive for the most part.

What I seriously suggest you do is go into a grocery store. If you work in a department (Meat, Seafood, Bakery, et cetera) you could make more money than you think you could. I make almost ten dollars an hour working seafood, and I’m due for a dollar raise soon. Of course, I’m also going to college. If you’re not going to college, I would get a boring repetitive job that pays more money, because you’re going to need it.

On one side you’d be working like hell, on the other you’d be getting paid more than my mother and myself have to get by every month. Ask yourself, do you need the money? Are really willing to put up with the hours? If you are but you don’t NEED it, do you still think it’s worth it?

Yea, my current job is to pretty much run the Dairy dept at night. I get 10, whereas when i started, i was pushing carts for 7. Then i moved up to cashier, then grocery, the dairy, and now i run dairy at night. Its pretty sweet.

The only bad part about working at a Grocery is the customers…ugh. But i usually don’t have to leave the dairy cooler/backroom, so its all good :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you need the money? Then yes.

And remember to save some of it!

what kind of benefits come with the job ? I’m talking medical insurance. If it has full dental, jump all over it.

It’s got quite a bit of benefits, come to think of it. I’ll look into that shortly.

What precisely is it that you’ll be doing that you’re trying to hide?

Uh… didn’t know I was hiding anything…
I’ll be packaging, making, or shipping laundry detergents and the like. Thought I already mentioned that.

I have a friend who has a job like this, he says it is a pretty lame job, and if feels like you’re a zombie for the whole day, but the pay is good.

Ask if you’ll be working every week, as with my friends job they sometimes say “oh we don’t need you next week as we’re cutting back” hence he gets no money, which is lame.

Will you be able to talk to other people or listen to music? I worked in a factory full time, and it would’ve been terrible without either of those.