Not what you’d think

They made him look like Megatron and a Zerg at the same time! Zergatron Terrorize!

This made me love the internet. truly it did.

Oh man! As soon as I saw that it made me think of the Weird Al knock off song “Barney’s on Fire”. Next to clowns, Barney is the scarriest person on Earth.

Many of the ‘yesses’ in that video sound more than a little aroused.

Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one who noticed. :hahaha;

Is that really your child’s name?

That first paragraph reminds me of the premise of this one Smoon fanfic I read a long time ago.

This reminds me of when my friends and I got too old to like Barney as kids and felt the need to overcompensate hatred for it because we’d liked it in the first place. I think we made up songs about killing him.

I remember that happening. I just switched to Little Bear. I still watch it today.

Beck Morrissey Ryu Perron, yes. The older one is Theodore Julian Perron.

If they like uncommon names, they can always change the surname to Perón.

I think everyone does that.

I remember ‘I hate you, you hate me, let’s all gang up on barney, with a shot and a bang now barneys on the floor, no more purple dinosaur’

to the tune of his theme, of course.

I remember ours involving a big shotgun and a toilet, although I can’t remember the exact words.

We got hardcore and burned Barny toys.

Joy to the world Barneys Dead we barbecues his head, what happened to the body, we flushed it down the potty, and round and round it goes, and round and round it goes… i dont remember any more.

How did these things spread around america?