Jesus Saves!

… on groceries at a store near you!

Jesus Bananas, is there anything they can’t do?


Have you been chasing the [strike]mothball powder[/strike] dragon again?

Thats not Jesus, thats Ted Nugent! or Merc…

Jesus is a Vampire slaying mercenary for hire. =x

Helping you with a Smile.
-Jesus :booster:


You rock, Trilly. :smiley:

The last place I would look for god is on my banana.

It’s World Series of Poker celebrity, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson! :smiley:

Buddy christ :smiley:

Hail the holy banana and weird plastic statue.

Jesus saved me a ton on car insurance.

O_O white on the inside, yellow on the outside? Hmmm, not such a good reputation for teh savior…

I like banannas… they taste all… um… bananna-e… yup…

yeah… I know, my post is :spam:

Trilli - Dogma!!!

Big Nutter

“Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: To believe in the one he has sent.’” – John 6:29

Jesus saves! He passes to Moses! He shoots! HE SCORES!

Yar wins for posting a ‘Jesus Saves’ joke I haven’t heard yet.

I love you.

If you eat the banana, would it be sacrilicious?

Nope. Just make sure you take the sticky Jesus-face and put it somewhere else, like on an apple, or car, or the middle of your forhead.

It is sacrilicious if you use the Banana for sexual actions.


So, lets say that I have been excommunicated, and I try to eat the banana, will the Catholics get all pissy with me, or will it be automatic reinstatement within the church? Either way, can I make a banana split out of it or does it only get eaten with the communion water/wine?

The Catholics can be quite annoying for a Cristian.
As a Cristian For Me, Labels don’t mean a thing expept 2 things, Cristian and “665a” (I am that Picky)

Big Nutter
I’m alomst there?