Jessica Simpson

I dont think she needs to be in commercials anymore for the single fact that she’s retarded. anyone else have views on this?

Honestly, I don’t think she is as stupid as the show makes her out to be. She is getting all these endorsements for products, so she must have SOME form of smarts. And the fact that she is a total bombshell don’t hurt either.

I would say that it is the other way around. Her looks got here where she is and then she has just enough intellegence that companies are able to use her to endore products.

Info, I know you and my good friend cielings dont really get along. but I still love you.

Intelligence? That barbie has the IQ of a grown potatoe.
En plus, to quote a wise man, “I think she would be a bad lay”. <_<
What? It’s true! Just look at her videos :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me. ¬_¬

Jessica Simpson…Is she the one with the bad tan in the pizza commercials?

For one thing, she’s hardly a skank, considering she endorses no “skanky” products, hardly dresses skanky, and actually saved herself for marriage.

Also, she can sing, no where near the vocal range of say, Christina Aguilera, but the talent is there. I’ve actually seen her in concert, and she didn’t lip sync.

Furthermore, she is a really beautiful girl. She can wear most anything and look great.

As far as her being stupid, I think the show makes her out to look that way for ratings, and most of her commercials play off that chicken of the sea thing, which is all her show is really known for anyway.


Hey, Kairi, is your avatar from Tokyo Mew Mew, or is it from something else?

Jessica Simpson is nothing but a… ehhhh… penny… whore… yea.

She’s ditzy as all hell it seems.

"Furthermore, she is a really beautiful girl. She can wear most anything and look great. " Excuse me? She looks like she just walked out of a silicon factory, and I’m not only talking about her boobs here. oO I’ve hardly seen a person coming so close to a real- life barbie, not even britney.
As for stupidity: “I think the show makes her out to look that way for ratings”, well, too bad if she actually needs that baby- doll image for success :stuck_out_tongue: Christina actually made that jump without smilesmilehappyhappy- commercials (well yes there’s sketcher’s, but y’know).

Yeah, but uh Christina did it by, well… just do a Google image search, you’ll know what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

goes to Google
does an image search

Hey, better than being associated with pizzas <.< …I guess…

I think the show (and I presume you mean “newlyweds” on eMpTyV, a guilty pleasure of mine because of it’s penchant for making Simpson look bad) is more built around showing her to be ignorant/spoiled/lacking in “streetwise” sense, like the camping episode, particularly in contrast with her new husband, Nick Lachey (sp?) who does comparable pop music (he’s one of the 98 degrees guys, I think).

That’s different from out-and-out stupidity. Though still rather entertaining in a schadenfreude sort of way.

She doesn’t sing as well as Christina. She doesn’t act as well as Mandy. And she isn’t as skanky as Britney. And she doesn’t sell shit as well as Madonna. Jessica’s just plan middle of the pack and “eh” no matter which way you slice it.

Christina can’t sing. Just thought that needed to be clarified. She’s bad even for pop.

Jessica Simpson rather annoys me, but I like her better than Xtina and Britney. I agree that she is beautiful, and she damned well can sing (I prefer her vocals over Xtina any day). I don’t like the vibe about her though. Yeah her show is really…horrible, she whines and she comes off as the stereo typical blonde (Didnt she say something like dumb is not knowing, but ditzy is having the courage to ask? Guh)

There was one article I read on the net about when she was younger, she wasn’t allowed to sing in church because of her incredibly large breasts and all the boys would “lust after her” so the minister would not let her stand to do vocals.

Talk about a bullshit church and story…if your tits are so huge, cover them up, o intelligent one. She seems to come across as naive and traditional when it comes to her image but she knows EXACTLY how to sell and work it.

It’s kind of hard to “cover up” large boobs… unless you wear a mumu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think she looks good, has a good voice, but agree with Kaiser that she falls somewhere in the middle of the regular pop pack.

just keep rubbing them in the small breasted girls faces, Astral.

Actually I heard that other parents wouldn’t let her sing because her voice was so much better in comparison to the other girls that parents would get jealous. Or something.

And what’s wrong with walking out of a silicon factory? She’s beautiful regardless. It may be fake beauty, but it’s beauty all the same.

And Hades goes on to prove his musical ignorance with frivolous comments; Christina Aguilera is one of the greatest modern vocalists in the last 10 or so years. I dare you to find anybody better. Seriously, do it.

No, I’m not kidding. Her vocal range is tremendous, and she can hold extreme notes without any sign of strain. Find somebody better Hades.