Jerry Orbach, October 20, 1935 - December 29, 2004

<a href=“”>He will be missed.</a>

Jerry who?

Jerry Orbach…

He was on Law and Order forever. As a huge Law and Order fan, I’m sad. He was also an accomplished stage performer.

He was a VERY accomplished stage performer, from what I remember.

An actor’s death just doesn’t seemt hat significant right now, to me anyway, especially since it wasn’t some accident or anything, it was just his time. Case in point, we haev Iraq where thousands of people are dying for their country and even more so, we havethe recent catastrophe in Asia withover 77,000 dead and counting. It makes it kind of hard to feel real sad when all this is going on around.


I never watched it, but I always had respect for his acting skills. I’ll miss him.

I LOVE YOU LENNIE!! Who could forget lines such as “Well, he’ll never have the guts to do it again” when he scoped out a crime scene concerning a murder that had to do with a guy getting his intestines splattered? He was such a comic. I’m a SVU fan, but I only watched the original from time to time just for Jerry. My grandmother loved him too, and she called last night saying that he died ;_; I was so upset. He will be missed by me. He was just badassed.

Gil Grissom’s puns were better. Or worse. :\

Psst, that should be December 28th.

It’s over 100,000 now Info. : \

It wasn;t his time, he had cancer. That’s what made it sad. He was a public icon. Of course there’s a huge tragedy going on in the world but that doesn’t mean that it has to downplay every other death in the world…

It’s sad that Jerry’s gone, but everyone’s gotta die someday.

Just sucks that it had to be now. XP

Bummer, he was the one I recognized in Law and Order. Always liked him in that show. I will miss him.

Actually, it’s over 117,000 now. There is no need to correct since the death toll keeps rising. If you look at the time I posted, you’ll realize that when I posted, the death count was still at 77,000.

I’ve seen him! May he keep Law and Order in the Hereafter.