Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy Demo Released!

woop woop.

Bah, fileplanet. That costs money, I’d probably join up though if I had a means of paying it.

What? No, they have public servers. Just scroll down.

System Requi-
Fuck it. I know I can’t run it. I shouldn’t bother asking. too, 100k/s

Does it give access to the dual blade/dual sabers?

You can select that when you create your character. It’s like the third screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good effects so far, but I keep dying on the 2nd level when the ground falls apart.

I’ve tried both the normal saber and the staff but not duel yet. Staff is ok, a little slow but I think it’s the only one that can kill more then 1 guy with a single slice and does combos much better than the single.

Also there is a coughcrackedcough version of the gold out if you are wondering why it seems a lot of people have the full version.

Well, if not for all the other dateless electronic geeks here i could get a faster download on my fucking t3

eh… right.

<img src=“”> I never really played a Jedi Knight game before, so I decided to give the demo a try. It’s pretty cool so far, and the Dual Sabers are incredibly neat. I really don’t like all the guns though, melee forevah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there are some balance issues with the saber, meaing that sabers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any other weapon(the force doesn’t count)

But you’re right the lightsaber looks a lot cooler and more to kill people with.

It’s pretty nice, but I suppose you’ll have to be a fan to like it. I’m not a fan of Star Wars, and I’m not fond of FPSs.

Download it from my isp. My isp is crazy.

Nul, you are my saivour.

How big is it?

How far can you get in this demo. Just want to know before I download.

<img src=“”> 2 stages. 1 early and easy stage, 1 late stage filled with lightsaber wielding maniacs. All difficuly settings.

I actually bought and beat the game during my time off and I must say it’s a great game. Rival to it’s predecessor, definitly, with a bit of extra replayability in that you can choose a different lightsaber, adding a different expierence, and there comes a point in the game where your actions directly choose what side of the force you antiquate yourself with.

Definitly a great game.

Good I guess I will buy it then. And by the way welcome back Sorc.:cool: