Jedi Academy RPGC fun

Jedi Academy info! I’ll dedicate this server once I figure out how. Note that I’m European so if I get 8 americans on the server things might lag a bit.

<b>Name:</b> RPGC
<b>Password:</b> mlp

Your game needs to be patched to 1.0.1, if neccesary you can get the patch <a href=“”>here</a>.

To join a game, after patching, start up multiplayer mode. First go to Profile and set up your character (choosing a model and sabers), as well as configuring the settings and controls as normal. Then, go to join a game. Add new favorite, input the adress ( Change the game type from local to internet, and choose my game from the list.

Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to set up your char, but if you already did that in Profile you won’t have to touch it. You will have to set up your Force Powers the first time around, though. Just click Force Powers, and grab ranks in the Powers that you want. Make sure to save that power profile under your name so you don’t have to do it every time.

After you’ve done that, just click apply, and you’re ready to go.

<b>Custom content</b>

This is custom content we’re using, you’re expected to have this installed to play so you don’t download it in mid-game. Skins and everything will be added in a day or so, after we’ve got the game working.


<a href=“;2407948;;/fileinfo.html”>Duel Of The Fates, v2</a>

<a href=“;44558”>Mustafar and Utapau</a>

<a href=“”>Ravensoft JA Bonus Maps</a>


<a href=“”>Movie Battles 2</a> as well as some extra maps, grab the client and the map packs.

Force-pushing people into the reactor pit in Duel of the Fates then trying to pick them off with a blaster pistol as they hang onto the edges for dear life is the height of comedy fyi.

Poor Nulani met her end that way, Pierson. I pushed her into the reactor, where she managed to get one of the small ledges, where she tried to shoot me. I kept force pushing her back onto the ledge when she jump until I just switched to force pull when she jumped, causing her to miss the ledge and fall to her death. :smiley:

By the way, I want to play the Free-For-All map that places over the Sarlac Pit. Falling inside isn’t instant death…but a slow one. :smiley:

Over a thousand years? :smiley:

Incidentally, hard disk space requirements? I want to know what I should uninstall/get rid of.

I’ll be there, soon!

I tried, but my comp seems to be collapsing under the weight of my warez.

The Sarlacc Pit map SUCKS, and I refuse to endorse it in any way.

It takes 1.2 GB of space in your disk, Yar, and another 590 mb if you keep the image of disc 1 in your HD.

After play testing it more last night, I do have to admit it wasn’t very good of a map, TD. It feels like it wasn’t finished, with the pit not being that large compare to the rest of the map (if you fall off the barge, you are in the desert), and if you fall into the mouth, you fall down a long hole until you fall into a water that SLOWLY kills you. Couldn’t they just make it so the water was lava (instant death) instead or the entire area hurts you. Plus it slowed down my computer when playing it.

Still, I hope we can find some other maps to use. Jedi Academy doesn’t have a lot of default Free-For-All maps to use.

If anything, I could try making maps. They’re in BSP format, which is what the old and new HL maps use. I could see about making something.

Even old Quake 1 uses that format.

Dude, I can’t connect to TD’s server if the map is Tatooine (in Free-for-All games). It says mine’s impure.

That means I should be able to find a WorldCraft editor or something similar that lets me mess with the files if I can find a decompiler or something similar

It’s a bug with the game, when maps get manually switched sometimes it screws things up for some people. Just requires a server restart, which I did, and then you weren’t there.

Jesus christ please don’t go around making custom maps. There are already good maps out there that just need to be found, instead of forcing everyone to download the latest crap thrown together in 2 hours.

Added 2 new maps. One is good, one is decent, both will make you hate my guts. Don’t get the other packs from the same series, they STINK.

They’re rather big, so start downloading so we can all use them tomorrow at the latest.

Not to worry. Everyone hates your guts already!

I just found a map pack for Jedi Academy that has to be good. It a offical bonus pack from Raven Software, who developed Jedi Academy. It contains four new free for all maps and one duel and ctf map.

duel_bonus1 - Coruscant
ctf_bonus1 - Rift of Shadows
ffa_bonus1 - Gas Mine
ffa_bonus2 - The Fortress
ffa_bonus3 - Conquest of Byss
ffa_bonus4 - Ord Mantell Canyon Download Page

I started my own dedicated server for when TD doesn’t want/can’t host.

Pass: rpgc

It’d be a great help if when you’re done playing you post here or PM me with what your ping was AND how many players were on when you got that ping, so I can figure out the limits of what I can host.

When I was alone there against te bots, my ping was around 330. Perfectly playable.


Here is a good FFA map that you guys might like. It’s a snow filled arena…with AT-ST at each corner of the map that you can drive. In the center are large towers with machine guns to destroy the AT-ST (for anyone who couldn’t get a scout walker).