Javascript Code Checker

We are just begining to learn javascript in my programming for the web class. However, i keep getting errors (or applets not working at all) when i try some of the assignments. My teacher is being a jerk and wont lookat my code to see the mistake, and as far as i can tell, everything is correct.

Is there some website the can scan my document, and find the error? If so, could i have a link?

And in case you want to give the code a look, here it is-

Just download Mozilla (it’s a free browser) from It comes with a JavaScript Console that will print out errors. It’s not unbelievably helpful, but it’s a good first step towards figuring out what you’re doing wrong.


lol, i forgot about that =P. I’ve got mozilla right here too! lol, stupid me, but thanks for reminding me of that cid.