Java Troubles. :O

Man, can someone for the love of the godlordo PLEASE help me out here? <---- There’s a few java games here. Particularly, Dinky Bomb is rad ass. I used to play it all the time, but now for some reason, I am unable to use it. I’ve noticed in the past few months actually, that I have a lot of trouble loading anything that uses flash or java on the inner net. As for this case, I can load the lobby, but then the lobby doesn’t load anything! :open_mouth: Does anyone have the slightest clue what I can do? Any options I could mess with? Anything at all? I’m kinda desperate here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shalcar rocks.

Do you mean they load slowly, or the windows just refuse to open?

And what is your Browser?

I use Netscape sometimes, but it doesn’t load some java applets for me. IE 6 works fine for me, though.

Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Java -> Enable Java

What browser/version of java? Perhaps they are using some script that is exclusive to a certain browser. Have you tried downloading a new copy of J2SE/J2RE, and Macromedia Flash Player? They seem like the most obvious solutions.

Pierson, the applet just never finishes connecting to the server.

Ren, IE6.

Cless, that was a pretty smart idea :smiley: But it didn’t work :confused:

Devillion, it says it’s supposed to work in anything that can use Java, including IE. I also went and downloaded Mozilla JUST to see if it was a problem like that. I don’t know what J2SE is, and I have indeed downloaded the newest Flash.

Hmm, i can’t get the lobby to load either. I think the problem is that the game is not hosted by “WePlayHere”. It is hosted by Gamer.TV, and when you enter the lobby, it checks to see if your “Gamer.TV” account is correct, not your “WePlayHere” account.

Try going directly to “Gamer.TV” and playing? is a website owned by Likewise, no games are actually found there. But, making a username for might be a good idea, if you can make them there. I’ll try that soon.

Reinstall Java?

I dunno…I just installed it like 2 days ago. :open_mouth: