Java games for the Wii?

I was on Addicting Games just now and was playing a game called “Indestructo Tank”. On the loading screen it said that the game could also be played on the Wii.

This was news to me, I didn’t know you could do that! Anybody with a Wii played any good java games lately?

Not Java, but I play the occasional <a href=“”>Flash Game</a>, mainly consisting of <a href=“”>Nanaca Crash</a> over and over and over.

Some of the games at <a href=“”>Homestar Runner</a> have been optimized for the Wii. There’s a special page in the games menu for them. I played them on my girlfriend’s Wii over Spring Break… they’re pretty much the same thing, but a little easier to control with the Wii remote, since it’s not as touchy as the regular versions.