Japanese I learning (am).

Ohaiyo! No Setz-san desu.

I recently purchased a small collection of Teach-Yourself-Japanese books (actually, only 2 books), and I am making it a habit to study Japanese for 120 minutes daily for 12 weeks (or more, if needed). I’ve started yesterday, and I think I’ve gathered a big amount of information. I spend 30 minutes writing down new vocabulary words, then 20 minutes studying them, 50 minutes saying them outloud multiple times, and the remainder putting the new words in sentences and translating them from English to Japanese.

I think I can hold a pretty decent conversation (or introduction to a conversation) now. I am not going to learn to write Japanese particles, just the pronunciation of words; so I can speak it. I am planning to go to Japan someday in the next 5 years, and I’ll need as much information that I can gather.

What I need from you guys (people of the Agora) is to give me links to websites in which I can find more information about Japanese culture and stuffs.

Also, I’m having a slight problem with Japanese. I know I’ve just began, but it’s kind of confusing to learn a new language, without understanding how words are sequenced in phrases. For example:

‘I is Setz’, from English, translates into ‘No Setz-san desu’, from Japanese. This does not make sense. The sequence for my statement would be ‘I Setz is’. Why is the order of words different?

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