Japan is hard....

Grope some young Japanese girls on the subway, then release some sarin gas on a few trains. Hurry though, I hear they are going to install cameras soon.

I meanthese guys.

These guys?

Are you saying these guys are murderers? I think that whoever did that research needs to go to Sea World.

Do you know why some scientists think dolphins kill porpoises? Because they mistake them for baby dolphins.

I’m not joking. Seriously.

So in about 9 months I might be in Misawa for a few years.

Any places to get some poontang near there?

What did you do on the plane ride? Need suggestions for my trip over next summer.

Watch suicide club.


I don’t believe you’re in Japan.

So it thickens…

I can, in fact, confirm that he is in Japan.

Forum stalker.

Listen. Listen. I was merely confirming that Charl wasn’t a dirty liar.

I know that’s what you were doing. Apparently you can put stalking to good use… like how that “Swedish” guy in the chat was using Windstream.

984, how do you know?

Your Agora IP belongs to a Japan based internet provider.


Man, I thought I had a pretty good feeling there. You just aren’t acting like people I know that have gone to Japan.

The difference is that Charl isn’t into anime so he doesn’t feel that sense of homecoming when visiting Akihabara

Well, as cless said, I’m not typically into anime (cuz i’m not a faggot) This trip was more like "I want to gain life experiences, see how people on the other side of the planet live (as long as they aren’t black) and it is basically a spiritual journey, trying to find myself, and forget about love and the fact I’ll never find anyone that will ever love me… :frowning: