Japan is hard....

I don’t speak the language… anyway, what should I do? i’m bored.

What city are you in? If you’re in Tokyo a lot of stuff is in English so you can figure out how to get places and such.

You should have bought one of those guides that tells you where to go and plans everything out for you. You know, like they made one for Disney World.

Can you guys do that for me?

Vaginal Secretions

What about the things you said in your old thread?

I know it’s touristy, but have you tried some suggestions from travel websites like Fodors, TripAdvisor, or Conde Nast Traveler?

My advice is rent a room in a hostel and experience the city every day. Just wander around and see what you can occupy yourself with. Picking up some key phrases in Japanese would be beneficial as well.

I haven’t been there in ages, but Kamakura’s a gorgeous place to do some sightseeing. I’m not sure where you’re located, but Japan has a good train system, so it’s easy to get from place to place.

I suggest you go look at this site. I dunno where you’re at, but there might be a tourism station somewhere. It sounds hokey, but the tourism program in Helsinki had the neat perk of giving you free passes to museums and such for around 20 euros.

If I had two weeks in Japan, I would spend one week in Tokyo’s arcades and bars, and one week touring the ancient capital Kyoto.

A story: A lawyer I know went to Japan on business. Call him John. The Japanese representative of a corporation was showing him around. He said, “John-san, we would like to give you gift to show our gratitude. Do you know what that place is?” He pointed to a building. “No, I don’t.” “That is friendly place. If you go there, Chinese or Korean woman will give you massage.”

They walked a bit. He pointed to another building. “Do you know what that place is?” “What is it?” “That is a very friendly place. If you go there, Chinese or Korean will give you massage with happy ending.”

They walked further. He pointed to a third building. “Do you know what that place is?” “I think I can guess.” “That is super friendly place. If you go there, Chinese or Korean woman will have sex with you. I have spoken to the owner, and he will be honored to give you free visit to super friendly place.”

John said, “That’s amazing. But what’s that building over there?” The corporate representative replied, “Ahh, that is super friendly place where Japanese woman will have sex with you.” “Could I go there?” The corporate representative said, with an aghast look, “No, no, they will not let Western foreigner in!” John replied, “You seem to have a lot of influence around here. Couldn’t you, you know, arrange something with the owner?” The corporate representative said, in a voice of moral righteousness, “John-san, I would never do that to women of my country.”

John ended up declining the offer–or so he told me.

Japan: “You can eat our food and pay for things out of vending machines, but stay the FUCK away from our women. >:E”

I’ll tell you what’s hard.

My math homework.

Arrgh, math be hard. Let’s go shoppin’!

Just did. Got some jeans. Sweet deals.

Come on Barbie let’s go party?

go kill those dolphin murderers.

Ah, the stories of (other people’s double standards).

Charle, you obviously have to wear a few pins and do battle with monsters and shadows in Shibuya. I hear trendy clothes even improve your stats.

Apart from city-crawling, why don’t you check out the ancient shrines? Many people are smitten with them.

This made me laugh pretty hard the other day.

As for what you can do, Charle…not a clue. Though if you visit those shrines like Rig said, watch out for shifty-looking foxes that steal/want your money.

You mean dolphins? :smug: