Japan bans file sharing

Seriously. Seems like the UK and the US have been thinking about it too.

What’s really interesting is that it wasn’t the government but the ISP’s that decided to enfore the rule; considering who made them do so according to the article, I suppose it’s not that much of a surprise.

America’s style is more, ‘let them share their files, but illegally monitor it’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Japan now sucks a bit more :frowning:

This sounds exactly like the US’s policy. The only difference here is that the Japanese ISPs are all formally agreeing to do it. In the US they aren’t all on the same page, and they certainly aren’t up-front about it.

the agreement would see copyright holders tracking down file-sharers on the Internet using “special detection software” and then notifying ISPs of alleged infringers. File sharers will initially receive a warning for a first offense, then be disconnected for subsequent offenses, eventually be disconnected from the internet permanently (it wasn’t clear whether the agreement is a three strikes proposal).

this doesn’t effect anyone using usenet either.


p2p is a big deal there, the guy who wrote winny went to jail or something, and the other big clients (share and perfect dark) are 100% anonymous

Someone invent a new internet, the culture lag around this one is going away. D:


But, my porn!

Since no one has so far ever cracked Share, which is what anyone syphoning stuff from japan uses since the Winny creator was jailed, I don’t really see how this could have a major impact… Well, the regular folk using P2P to sownload some movies or song will feel it, but the rest of the internet should, like every time any of these major services go down and people begin screaming of Armageddon, go on without trouble.

By the way, Japan used to have exorbitant cd prices, though I don’t know what they do with song downloads nowadays. Link of the original article.

I think this might be a really dumb question (read: Really, really, really dumb), but- would a site like, say, YouTube count as “file sharing?” Because I assume they’re banning all file sharing. Or is that incorrect, too?

Nah, that’s not filesharing.
Something like bit torrent or kazaa is considered filesharing. Rapidshare, megaupload and stuff like that also are considered filesharing.
Youtube is a moderated-for-copyright-infringement media sharing outlet, meaning it’s fine.

Oh dear … There goes the neighborhood.

Makes me wonder how they’re going to enforce the ban. Sure, they can enforce it on their own shores, by shutting down all the file servers there, but how can they stop citizen X from logging onto a server in Singapore to download whatever they choose? The Internet has no borders.

Japan still has ridiculous CD prices.

The issue in question is the massive boatload of shit that is taken FROM Japan. Though that usually goes through Share, so the point is pretty much meaningless.

At least they’re doing something. Full disclosure, I’ll stream on blue laguna - there’s almost no way to get some of the music otherwise. But those who download freaking movies and music from folks like Winehouse that you can get anywhere, are obviously doing more than courting with illegality.

Eventually, I think they’ll shift to having ads in shows and movies like that Hulu thing that just opened up that Rinn was talking about earlier. People care more of convenience than about respecting intellectual property.

Hence why digital music sales keep growing every bloody day.

clings to ftp irc-ness ;.;

The only time I stream is to get something that’s not available legally in the USA. Otherwise, I’ll buy it from legal sources. I’m a writer, and I respect intellectual property rights.

Yet I don’t think any attempt to regulate the Internet will be successful, in the long run. It’s like trying to regulate an amoeba.

You can’t stop people from stealing music.

blank tapes.

Then blank cd’s.

Then file sharing.

Someday they’ll be something else.