Jade Empire

I guess I’m the first person to post about this game (if not, close this thread). In any case, this game kicks serious ass. The plot is turning out rather nicely (I’m about halfway through, it seems), the gameplay system is a lot funner than KOTOR’s was (although the levelling system is rather simplified, and there’s no real inventory), and the game just feels a lot less buggier than the two KOTOR games (either that, or I haven’t reached the truly horrendous glitches yet).

I’ll post more about it later, if anyone cares. Too bad there’s been no mention of a PC version.

I got it for my birthday, but between DW5, Republic Commando, and DMC3, I’m not sure when I’ll have time for it.

Glad to hear that you like it though. Most of my friends have advised me to trade it in because they thought it was sub-par, but hearing that you think it’s worthwhile is good.

I’m hearing really great things. Whats it play like? From what I hear its a bit more action-y, but since they made a new series for it rather than dumb down a current one, I’m all for it!

Mengde: It’s sub-par if you expected another KOTOR. It plays VERY differently, and has to spend much of its time setting up the plot (instead of having an already-existing one like in KOTOR). Also, I have heard the plot goes kinds downhill at the end, but both KOTOR games had the same problem, so I’m not complaining.

Oh, and the demo sucked (so a lot of people think the final game sucks).

IonMage: The normal running-around is like KOTOR. The menu is also similar, but there’s no real item screen. Instead, you equip gems, up to three at a time, which add to some attribute but often deduct from another. There’s also techniques, which do much the same thing.

Combat is done in real-time, and starts the instant you get close to an enemy. You have up to one ally at a time, and you can either set them for combat (they fight alongside you), or for support (they increase one of their abilities, but all the enemies concentrate on you). The A button performs a quick attack, which can be comboed but cannot break through a block, while the X Button uses a strong attack, which is slow but can break through a block.

The B button blocks, which stops quick attacks but does nothing against strong attacks. You can also press the B button and a direction, and you will roll and flip in that direction (the only way to dodge strong attacks). The Y button slows time down, but quickly drains Focus. The black button allows you to power up, increasing your damage but draining Chi like crazy. The white button can heal you, at the cost of Chi.

You bind styles to the d-pad (up to four at a time). Martial styles use no weapons, and don’t do a LOT of damage, but can damage almost all enemies. Weapon styles do lots of damage, but drain Focus with every attack, and cannot harm ghosts. Support styles do no damage outside of Chi mode, but can stun enemies, or even drain Chi. Transformation styles turn you into different enemies, which do lots of damage but drains your chi within five seconds. And finally, Magic styles use chi with every attack, but can be fired like projectiles and can inflict status effects on enemies.

There, my overly-complicated write-up of the combat system (I haven’t touched the levelling system at all, fortunately. That would take another paragraph).

I heard talk of a PC version, namely rumors and a few “maybes” (sources not trackable… just random searches). All I can say, though, is they better damn will make one for the PC.

If Bioware, like they seem to becoming, cut their roots and deal solely in the X-Box, it will be a great blow to PC gamers…

Hell, who are we left with? Ion Storm? Hell… why even mention Daikatana… and besides, they seem to be slowly coming to the X-Box side as well, considering Thief 3 and Deus Ex:IW (which I bothed like, BTW) had small, maps… perfect for a console

And Sierra… don’t make me laugh. The only thing they have going for them is Valve and Half-Life. Which, does make them contenders, but its only one sold thing going for them.

So, come on, Bioware… don’t abandon us!

(Sorry if this kinda come out like a rant… and the information is a little outdated… I may be behind a bit.)

I heard it was damn good, so I got it. Haven’t had time to play it yet.

I bought the game just last week. (actually I swapped it for that henious predator:concrete jungle) I played through the first KOTOR and i gotta say this game is far superior. I’d say the apparent limitations as far as equipment and general levelling up are concerned are not a problem at all. They seem to be offering a deliberate “template” if you will, but this is executed with an air of such confidence that i cannot help but have faith. Also, the jewel system seems to encourage a system of equipping them in different patterns to deal with specific enemies. I may just be insane, but this gives me a fond reminder of FFVII’s materia. (possibly the finest magic system ever?)
The game’s dialogue is surprisingly well acted it seems, and while this isn’t a mega-thing, I think everyone will agree that it just kinda matters.

If i had to sum it up in the short amount of played between the excellent Oddworld: Stranger and Doom3 I’d call it Mortal Materia Kombat 2 Alpha Kung Fu wickedness Fight Three demon Turbo.

Any game where getting a guy drunk is considered a GOOD action is a 10/10 game in my books.