Jacksonville State University Honor Band! The BIG One! w00t!

I’m gonna be gone from now 'till late Saturday at the BIGGEST ASSED Honor Band I’ve been to yet!

Tommorw, my band director picks me up with some other dood who’s goin’ and we’z drivin’ up to Jack State, the college I’m goin’ to! Schweet!

Then we’z gonna register and tryout with just sightreading and a chromatic scale, slur going up, tongue going down (heh. tongue going down ^_^;; ) Then we’z hang around and get to sleep IN THE BAND DORMS! W00T! Most of them moved out already, so, EMPTY HOUSE! hoorj! Then Jack State’s Jazz Band (which kicks so much arse) will be playin’ for our fancy and pleasure n’shit. Then next day, all our food is free, and our practices are 3 hrs, 30 minutes AVERAGE! Then a big dance/social party that night! I’z gonna party my fuckin ASS off, yo!!! Play my fuckin’ Kirby song up in dere!

Then the next day is an OUTDOOR concert! WITHOUT UNIFORMS! They actually UNDERSTAND that wearing marching uniforms indoors suck, so we playing outdoors in t-shirts and shorts! GOD I love the way they think!

Then I come back with a lot of “Cocky” T-shirts, 'cause their mascot is the Gamecock, and their slogan is “Get Cocky” but i have shirts that have “Cocky” on them and I wear it mostly for the innuendo in it.

So, once again, I’ll be gone for a while enjoyin’ my last honor band. Bye, and long live the band geeks!!!

i really wish i would have taken band in my grade-high school years.

Great. F**kin A wonderful. I’m at the University’s computer labs right now, and guess how I got here? Not by shapperone, by FOOT, because SOME dumbfucker assumed I could just be here or somewhere else. And this is coming from the student who’s gonna be the band leader today. %#%@$#&^%#!!! And trust me, it’s a long wayz to walk…

In other news, I’m in the Jazz band rather than a Wind or other classic ensemble band, so that’s cool n’stuff. That, and a short 12 measure blues solo, so that’s uber-schweet n’shit.

I’ll be back tommorw on more…