Jackie Chan v Jet Li

In the Forbidden Kingdom. Conceptually, this combination of actors should be made of win but I just saw the trailer and it looks to be some kind of stupid adolescent fanfic tripe with good martial arts thrown in. In fact, the Jet Li vs Jackie Chan only trailer reel is unimpressive. -_-;

The one with Jet Li and that guy from ‘Crank’ and ‘Transporter’ looks more badassed. “Versus,” I think the title was.

Who could’ve seen that coming.

I think the movie is called “War”

Frankly I’m still waiting for that Terminator vs. Robocop movie that should’ve been made 15 years ago.

Then there’s the fact that the movies of both Jackie Chan and Jet Li have been terrible lately.


According to an interview, both Li and Chan had a lot of fun working together and are planning on doing it again soon.

Personally, the only thing that bothers me is that it’s a fantasy piece; that would seem to take away from the wonder of Li’s stunts and Chan’s antics.

But I’ll judge it when I know more (trailers can be very misleading.)

Tuxedo was ok in the small screen; I don’t think I’d pay to watch a Chan or Li movie in theaters.

I’m looking forward to this. I’m with Wil, I don’t trust any sort of preview, review, etc., I have to see it for myself.

I think both Li and Chan are old now. Their best time is in the 1980’s.

I bought “First Strike” today at a Replays and watched it. I agree. Ol’ Jackie-Jack ain’t what he used to be.

That’s the problem with being a martial arts star: you don’t age gracefully.

That being said, this could actually turn out to be more entertaining than 99% of the other crap out in theaters at the moment. It’ll still probably suck, though.

I like jetli because Jet li is more of action and serious. He is good actor.

In the 1980’s almost all martial arts movies were made for asian audiences and then imported to north america. They were more about the story with martial arts thrown in whereas movies made for western audiences are all martial art action with only enough plot to get to the next fight scene. Forbidden Kingdom seems it’ll be like that. Plus all the references behind the fantasy aspect will be lost on most western audiences.

I saw it and thought it was pretty good. They didn’t really butcher anything too badly and the scenes were mostly well-done

I thought it was a pretty sweet movie. I saw it with my family and some relatives, and they liked it. Lol, my grandma was helping Jackie Chan Karate Chop the bad guys. XD I thought it was quite humorous.

I saw it and loved it! Go see it now fools! It has a mixture of everything, comedy, action, romance, and drama! Definatly a must see.

I saw Forbidden Kingdom a few days ago and it was very entertaining. I’d recommend to all. Monkey King FTW.