Jack Thompson presents... Osaki!


Hah. That’s awesome.

Edit: his response to this is <a href=“http://oghc.blogspot.com/2005/10/we-made-jack-thompsons-game-await.html”>a bit down the page</a>

… HA.

Oh, my, who could have seen this coming? He didn’t give the money. And here I was thinking he was fucking Santa Clause.

He didn’t. However, PA did.

I love this. What wouldn’t I give to have seen his face when this came out.

Which is incredible. Kudos to Tycho and Gabe.

Wow the game only cost $0.50. who wouldn’t want a game that cheap.

The twit. That’s all I’ve to say about Jack Thomson.
It’s an awesome game.

And that is simply too awesome for words.

Tycho is perhaps even more of a genius than I previously thought him. The fact that donation was made in Thompson’s name is the killer part.

I find the most surprising part about the PA donation is that they have $10,000 spare laying around to donate from just a website. Like, I knew they were living comfortably, but $10,000? :confused:

I doubt it was just ‘lying around,’ it was probably a pretty big investment for them, which actually would make it an even bigger thing.
That, or all those game-comics they’re doing on commission might be something to do with it.
EDIT: Either way, I doubt they make Lawyer money, so this is still more impressive than Jack Thompson doing it.

Oh man, I hate Jack Thompson. I’m just glad that someone who needed to finally stood up and told him to basically shut the fuck up. Oh man, I love that Dave Walsh fellow now.

I think “Gabe” actually bought a house. They make a decent living. I mean, look at PAX. PA’s big.

A house can still be small and cost “only” around 100,000. But yeah. I knew they made a decent living off of PA (much like TBC with H*R). But having enough money to say “Here. This douche didn’t give his $10,000. Let’s give it instead.” in just a day is mindboggling for me from a webcomic. :confused:

I wonder if he’ll sue the producers of the game for putting his name on it.

That would be rich. Like Bill Gates rich.

Thank you, this made my day.

<a href=“http://www.livejournal.com/users/gamepolitics/110152.html”>This just in!</a>

wow. what a cock.
Edit: hah, he spelled their website wrong. What an idiot.

ahahahaha no

What really gets me is his attempt to reserve the use of satire exclusively for himself.

Maybe he’s satiring people like Jack Thompson.