Dude, if you wanna prove scarves are badass, you might not wanna use Harry Potter as an example :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, hades is right, goddamnit harry potter isn’t quite a badass
and neither are scarfs

I’m gonna back up the scarves (they do rock), but I will agree that Harry Potter might not be the best example of a badass in a scarf.

Harry Potter is badass. You can try to deny it if you want. Go ahead. Try :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, I can’t. SG’s right, boys :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s pack it up :stuck_out_tongue:

He sure showed you, TO THE MAX.

SG once again proves his badassedness.

Rupert Bear Has scarff, and He’s still in the Daily Express when I last read it.

SG: Daipy!

SG… Rocks

I Yell SG, to grab attention then Daipy!!

Big nutter
I forgot That I’ve Got one tooo

That ‘potter’ in his name comes from pot. He’s a bad example for kids. Therefore he rocks.

I remember watching Rupert when I was a little kid. He kicked so much ass.

Plus all of the examples in Izlude’s sig either have a red scarf or wear red.
Need I say more?