Iwadare to compose for Radiata Stories

According to Cocoebiz, RPGFan, and RPGamer, the new Tri-Ace RPG will be scored by Noriyuki Iwadare, who most notably wrote the music for the Lunar and Grandia series. Normally, Tri-Ace RPGs are scored by Motoi Sakuraba. Quite frankly, I’ve never really liked the way Sakuraba writes. I think his music is just plain lame. I figured that since it was a Tri-Ace game, we would see a Sakuraba soundtrack, but now that I’ve heard Iwadare is doing the soundtrack, I must admit: My interest in Radiata Stories has gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up. :smiley: So come on! Be happy with me, everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t buy games based on their soundtrack though. :stuck_out_tongue:

SG speaks my mind. I don’t buy games for their soundtracks either, but I occasionally don’t buy them because of their soundtracks. If that makes any sense.

Perfect sense.

I tend to ignore music though. Unless it’s absolutely godawful I’ll never avoid a game because of a bad score.

Same here, I don’t care how bad the score is, I would still play the game if it’s good. Just turn down the volume if it bothers you that much.

Even a good score badly used will really depreciate a game on my end. I ended up downloading Chrono Cross despite the fact I loathed the game and the music’s use only contributed to my hate of the game and I really like the soundtrack. A game isn’t a game I’d enjoy without a good, well used soundtrack. Xenosaga was also a pretty good game, but it suffered massively from the misuse of its soundtrack and the tedious fights. People like Hosoe and Sakuraba need to be shot before they make more atrocities (although I will admit Symphonia’s soundtrack is pretty good but I think that’s because they put Sakuraba on drugs for either or both schizophrenia or mania)

I still don’t understand why you say Cross’ soundtrack was wrongly used. It was perfectly put to me… although I do agree with Xenosaga.

I had interest in Radiata Stories for some time now,I even saw the trailer from their website,which was prety good,but i think they choose a very good composer for the game so im expecting a good sountrack.

Everything about Chrono Cross made me angry.

No. <.<

I think you really need to give at least Hosoe a chance… You’re letting yourself being influenced by a hoard of Mitsuda fanboys(*coughrpgfancough)… You really need to check out his original stuff before judging him. As for Sakuraba… well… <<

How can Harle make you angry?! =O

You need to see the awesome picture I drew of her in the Dean Notebook before you condemn her so wrongfully!

Sakuraba composed one of the most inappropriate soundtracks I’ve ever heard in Shining the Holy Ark. Like, almost none of the music fit the game at all. Aside from that, the music was rather average.


I agree with SG that Sakuraba ain’t all what he’s cracked up to be. Personally, I’ve got that opinion of almost all the mainstream composers, so I’m not that valid (nor am I a musical expert, or even someone who knows music at all), it’s just that Sakuraba’s music is almost always the same (ToS was something a bit different, but not much), so if you’ve bought one Sakuraba soundtrack, you’ve bought them all.

Nah, just an acquired taste =P

Phantasy Star 4 is an aqcuired taste. Wild ARMS 2 is an acquired taste. Sakuraba…

so anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, I’m forced to reconsider my stance on Sakuraba after finding out he did the Mario Power Tennis ST…with sound support from Kondo, of course, but still…it doesn’t sound like his usual (meaning : SUPER CRAP!)…


Sometimes, good composers make bad soundtracks…for example, the original Romancing SaGa soundtrack was terrible, but Kenji Ito is still one of my favorite composers.

Tales of Phantasia, I liked that soundtrack. It wasn’t AWESOME, but it was good. To this day, it’s still been the only soundtrack I’ve enjoyed from Sakuraba. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, with Koji Kondo controlling what kind of sounds Sakuraba is able to use, the MPT soundtrack doesn’t sound all that bad, though I will come back on something I’ve said. It sounds, at least, a lot of the tracks, JUST like any other Sakuraba soundtrack out there. Just that the instruments used are different.