I've never been to a concert...

I like the part where the people scream and clap…when the roadies walk onstage to test the equipment. Especially if they do it several times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see, I went to an Alice Cooper concert, the Timmins Summerfest a few years ago (Which was Sum 41, sam Roberts, and one other band I can’t think of right now). I went to a Rush concert, and a Head Down concert.

I don’t remember if Hot Hot Heat was anygood. I caught about half of their set and stopped paying attention. I think they were alright, but I’m not really a ska fan at all.

Most of the concerts I go to involve a great deal of drug use. Although you’re far more likely to come away from one smelling like cigarettes instead of weed.

I’ve never been to a concert, but I really want to see Sonata Arctica live sometime.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Blind Guardian either.

Hmm, for bands I’ve seen that people may actually know, I’ve seen:

Rilo Kiley
My Chemical Romance
The Unseen
The Getup Kids
The Reuinion Show
Big D and the Kids Table
Catch 22
Mustard Plug
The Planetsmashers
Further Seems Forever
The Used
Mindless Self Indulgence
The Misfits
The Movielife
Viva Voce
mc chris

I’ve been to one concert with my parents and no other embarrassing details will be shared. At least it wasn’t backstreet boys, that would be a personal hell for me being at such a concert. I don’t think i like live music for the fan noise. People smoking all sorts of things doesn’t sound great either.

I asked my mom if i could go to this one concert with a friend, the band’s name: chainsaws and children or something, so obviously the answer was a no. I so wish i could have gone to the Stabbing Westward concert with God Lives Underwater as the opening act >_<. At least my friend got me a t-shirt of them.

I’d name the bands I’ve seen live, but more than half of them are local bands that none of you have heard of… well maybe Genericangstyposter would recognize them due to me ranting about the awesomeness of them. But I’ll list some bands that I’ve seen live that you guys might know:

Exodus(opened for Megadeth)
Metallica(didn’t pay a cent, cause I snuck in… only caught the last three songs however)

uhhhhh that’s about it for big name bands. Unless any of you have heard of Infernal Majesty.

Somehow… I’m not quite surprised… they’re sorta weird… but cool!


The best part was when the band made fun of all the people in the club for smoking said weed. They mentioned something about how, just because they’re willing to sing for our money, that doesn’t mean they should have to put up with the smell of people’s nasty “illegal cigarettes.” Then they talked about how everyone should download free mp3s of their music from their website.