I've never been to a concert...

…unless it was free or something, and now, it seems like I still won’t. That Dear Friends concert is here in Texas but at 65 dollars and such, a kid without a job like me can’t spare the cash without going near broke. sigh

Anyway, who here HAS been to a concert? That, you know, wasn’t free or something like that. If so, was it worth all that money anyway?

Eh, I’ve been to two metallica concerts. They were okay. The opening acts always seem to suck (well, except the summer sanitarium, Mudvayne was pretty good). The other time was Godsmack/Metallica. Nuff said.

If you really like the band… It’s always worth the money. You just can’t expect it to sound just like recordings.

I’ve been to quite a few… Even a Kumbia Kings (basically a douchey latin boy band-ish thing) one where my friend and I were abused by some rather large woman. And my sister and I are hitting up backstreet boys in July. Woot!

Are they still on tour? I guess I will have to go get me a front seat lawlz

It doesn’t matter what kind of concert, you’re gonna smell a lot of weed.

Yeah, that’s always the highlight. May not smoke it, but I do like the smell.

Yeah I always figured that was a plus for concerts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been to concerts, festivals, local bar shows, shows at clubs, and even basement shows. They were all worth it, to a degree. The point of going to them is to enjoy music being performed in a live situation, and if you like sharing your ear pleasures with other people, who may be really fat, repulsive, and obnoxious(coughmegadeth concert at seattlecough) at the same time, then yeah it’s pretty cool.

*edit: plus, I really like live music, especially when it’s changed a bit from the “oh-so-perfect” studio recording. I like seeing a band play live because it shows how human musicians really are.

I’ve been to a ton of concerts. I’ve paid to see:

Foo Fighters
Lil John
Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit (Metallica to Limp Bizkit was the Summer Sanitarium Tour)
Finger Eleven
Smile Empty Soul
Powerman 5000
Mars Volta
A Perfect Circle
Kid Rock
Peter Paul and Mary (Twice)
Simon and Garfunkle
Fear Factory
Less Than Jake
Hot Hot Heat
Saves the Day (YUCK)
And probably a few more

Seen Free:
Papa Roach
Kanye West
Black Eyed Peas (Back when it was just the three guys)
Michelle Branch
They Might Be Giants
American Hi Fi
And probably a few more too…

Cheap concerts are pretty easy to catch. I see that you live in Texas, and all you’ve really got to do is just hit up ticketmaster or read the newspaper and you can find club shows really easy. A lot of bands do low key club tours to warm up for big time stadium tours, or to tour for a new album. Those club shows can cost anywhere from $12-$30, the average usually being $22.50 or something. They’re great shows with small crowds and a very personal experience with the band, I suggest you look into them.

As far as whether or not it’s worth it, thats all up to you. Do you like crowds? Do you like music? Do you like LIVE music? If you said yes to at least 2 of the three questions then you’d probably like a concert.

I said yes to all three, so I might go to one, just to pass the time.

Was hot hot heat any good?

I doubt I’m gonna come out of “Dear Friends” smelling like weed… Though I have come away from a couple of They Might Be Giants concerts smelling like weed.

I assume you’re talking about the concert in Ft. Worth on Friday? I’m gonna try to make it. I get paid tonight at 12 Midnight, hopefully there are still tickets for sell at that point… >_>

Actually, I doubt it. I called last Friday and they only had a few select areas left. The ones that didn’t fit in my price range, of course. The prices keep being replaced by “Call For Availability” which amounts to their no longer available really. The Orchestra Box is the only area last time I checked yesterday, so ya better reserve it or something.

Yeah, it appears to be totally sold out at this time. Oh well. Since they sold out, that makes it likely that it’ll come back through North Texas next time around.

I wanted to go to Dear Friends in San Francisco, but it was on a school night and I was broke. :frowning:

Back in '99 I went to see the Backstreet Boys in Portland. :smiley: Awesome goodness, as they were like, my whole life at the time. former pathetic fangirl >>; Except that I had 3 tickets, and only one of my friends didn’t already have one of their own, so I had to scramble to find someone else to take the last one, and when I finally did, I told my parents and my dad was all “NO I ALREADY TOLD MY CO-WORKER THAT I’D GIVE IT TO HER DAUGHTER THAT YOU DON’T KNOW AND WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BACKSTREET BOYS AND NEW EDITION.” … So I was pretty pissed about that. My dad gave me the price of the ticket for spending cash because I didn’t want to pay for a stranger (yeah, I was paying this with my own money in 8th grade), but my friend never paid me back. She said she would, but did I ever see that $50? No.

But anyway. The concert was lots of fun, and I managed to scream AJ’s name loud enough to get his attention. :smiley: (It was during Nick’s solo, and no one likes that stupid lispy chubby guy, so the arena actually got “relatively” quiet for a few seconds.) No one actually believes me when I tell this story though, so I’m not going to finish it. >:(

But then later, this chick behind me was all “Excuse me” and I turned around to see what she wanted and she was like “Could you sit down please? We can’t see.” She was holding an infant. Less than a year old. At a Backstreet Boys concert. With 30,000 girls aged 8-18 screaming at the top of their lungs. … … … I just turned back around , pretended to sit down for a second, then continued to watch the show in jumping screaming fangirl fashion.

And I didn’t come out smelling like weed.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, though I admit, the rapidly rising prices have kept me from going to very many lately. I am going to Megadeth in August though.

And yes… weed is rampant at all concerts, I think its some kind of a law.

No. I’ve been to book readings though, they were worth it, so I can’t see why a concert shouldn’t be.

I haven’t but there are two possibilities this summer, so w00t!

I’ve been going to concerts/shows on a regular basis since the 8th grade, I’ve kind of lost count :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, I never really counted local shows… mostly due to the fact that, really, very few bands around here use the talent they have for anything other than what everyone else is doing.
Once the bands I liked got overshadowed by cookie-cutter versions of already semi-famous bands, I basically started hating the whole “scene” around here.
I basically loathe that shit now.

Somehow… I’m not quite surprised… they’re sorta weird… but cool!