I've just realized that 1943, Little Nemo, Wizards and Warriors, and Jurassic Park...

…for the NES…

…has some KICK ASS MUSIC!

I’m jamming out to some old NSF Files right now. What are ya’lls favorites?

NES? FF1, DW3, Faxanadu OW theme, stuff like that.

I left out some others…ooops…

Hatris, Overlord, Sweet Home, and Ninja Gaiden 3

The Guardian Legend.


Doo do do do do do do do, do do do (do do do)

I tend to prefer the classics myself…

1943, Castlevania II, Mega Man II, Kirby’s Adventure, Punch-Out!, Ninja Gaiden II + III

I can’t decide. I like it all! … except for the Game Gear version of Jurassic Park. And maybe some of the stuff in MM4.

The only game I remember with some good music from NES is Mario Bros ;_; Unless you like Yo! Noid

Avoid the Noid!

The first three FFs had some nice music…I loved some of the musics from Metroid, too. I remember a couple of good ones from W&W…I accualy always found the Near-Death one catchy. Too bad that no good MIDIs of it exist. Anither one I quite liked was the final level music from that old Chip 'n Dale game for the NES.

Megaman 3 - Top Man Stage :slight_smile:

I actually liked “Yo Noid!” Whats wrong with that?

And it does have kickass music.

FF and Mega Man V

Megaman V, Little Nemo, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Talespin… ooh… aaahhh… All capcon games too if I remember right O_O

I like a lot of Capcom (Megaman) and Konami (Contra) music. I also like the theme to River City Ransom.

Speaking of Mega Man III, Snake Man’s theme is one of my favourite songs in any video game.

The first video game tune I ever heard: Super Mario Bros. That moment is permenantly etched into my memory.

I just remembered Disney games, if they count. They had some cool music too. Specially Rescue Rangers 1.

gah, I forgot Crystalis (and I hadn’t even read Flint’s post to remind me)

MM 2 and Crystalis had great music.