I've got crabs

You know, like toy ones. of Sebastian :smiley:

pics plz

Sebsatian is like a walking talking crustaetious racial slur, I love it.

Stop making fun of Kor ; . ;

So may we now add crab jokes to Korโ€™s already long list?

P.S. Happen to have any Mr.Krabs toys?

I just went to google and typed in crabs, so now iโ€™m gonna post a bunch of Crab spam in honor of Crab Day. This one will be my second
I also abandoned my Hein Avatar for 24 hours, in exchange for this
I then sized it down, so it would fit as an avatar

<b><u><i>FUCK CRAB DAY</b></u></i>

Zeppelin, it is highly suggested that you not fuck crabs, the result could be disasterous.

Hilarious though.

Why not go to the Krutsy Krab and have a Krabby Patty?