I've gone crazy. Here's an idea.

This idea has popped into my head numerous times, and I’m not quite sure why, but this seems very interesting to me, and very humourous too… How 'bout a subsite for obviously false and retarded rumours?

It’s a simple idea. Basically, it’s a subsite with various information on some RPGs that has already been proven false, coupled with a writing attitude that says, “hey… It’s obviously true!”

Of course, I have a couple questions and also want some input on the idea. Here are some questions…
-Will I be in charge of completing the idea?
-Do I have to put in any other work into the site?
-Do I count as a staffer?
-How often will I have to update?
-Does the information go on the RPGClassics server or do I need to use my own?
And, of course…
-Is there a possibility of my idea being accepted?

Keep in mind these questions are currently theoretical since I have no idea if the idea will actually be accepted. Thank you for your time.

FARUK should maintain the site.

Actually, that doesn’t look like too bad an idea, IMO- a spoof site like that next to the intellectual K2 that is RPGC could be just the ticket :hahaha;

If that site did indeed come into existance you wouldn’t maintain it a current staffer would. Just because you came up with a mediocre idea doesn’t mean you become staff. You have to complete a shrine or use one of the other methods that RPGC offers every once in a while.

This could be funny. But I can’t think of any rumors to add at the moment. But heres a suggestion; write everything in IdIoT sPeAk. OMGWTFLOL Ik now howt o reviv earis!!!111!!1!eleven!

Oh, I have to be a staffer? Well, I’m way too lazy for that kind of work… But I refuse to see other people live out my dreams. I’ll take my business elsewhere, then. Good day.

…Yes, I know I’m a jerk.

It seems to be a pretty good idea, but almost every news page got that running already. They’re just not aware of it yet.

Originally posted by Nulani
It seems to be a pretty good idea, but almost every news page got that running already. They’re just not aware of it yet.

Very true, but this idea could have it being ironic. :hahaha;

EDIT: I of course mean “ironic in the right way”. :ah-ha!:

Who is this FARUK and what does he do?

Sorry buddy, but you can’t join staff with just a subsite. Shrine or section first.

[smartasshole] DN joined with a subsite. [/smartasshole]

Originally posted by Kor
[smartasshole] DN joined with a subsite. [/smartasshole]

Yeah, and it was a big useful subsite, plus that was long ago before many policy changes.

Well, either way, I’ve got my own server and a dysfunctional website no one would miss… I’ll do it, and I don’t even need someone else’s site to do it!

Thanks for the input anyway. coughassholescough.


You could, theoretically do what Cid and DN did. However, your subsite would have to be of that kind of magnitude and uniqueness (ie GOOD LUCK!). We wouldn’t allow you on to gradually make something. You’d have to have something to show.

Originally posted by Pierson
Who is this FARUK and what does he do?

He is our god, bow before him.

Originally posted by Urkani
He is our god, bow before him.
Did you even know FARUK?

Sohee knows FARUK. Sohee knows FARUK very well. :wink:

On a side note, Ren might be useful for that, considering how much he likes running around finding news stories.

FARUK frikkin ownz j00! OKTAGON WEPPIN 4EV0R!!!11111

FARUK was a dude who’d come to #rpgclassics and tell us about fanciful secrets in RPGs. He’d say outlandish things like how to revive Aeris and that he invented the question mark. Then I think people started making fun of him a lot so he left. Or he just left regardless of the making fun of, I don’t remember.

FARUK was the fucking shit. Coolest dude to ever grace our doorstep.

After me of course.