I've been waiting for this movie for YEARS

The Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

I’m dying of anticipation. Do you hear me!? DYING!

Game is already in progress as well, but yes, one of the few happy memories from childhood are these books.

Man. I loved those books.

Early information on it says it is actually quite good - its one of the movies I have been following since it was annouced a long while back

Never read anything Narnia, hah.

i don’t know how many times i read through those books, and there are already some movies out based on them, though you should never watch them. they are horrible quality, and look like something that got played when color film had just come out. watching the WILL ruin any good memories you have of the books.

I never read any of the books, but after watching the trailer, I am psyched to see the movie.

if the movie is anywhere as good as i remember the books being, it ought to be pretty good.

I read these stories pretty much every week back when I was ten. I seriously hope these are great movies so the next generation will have something better than just harry Potter to remember.

agreed. the potter movies aren’t bad, but they’re truning in to the only movies you can remember as making a mark on the box office.

Oooo, I need to see that when it comes out.

Oooo. I liked the book and the TV Series.

If you’ve been waiting for the movie, you should go check out the BBC TV movie. >.>

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But Hiryuu throws the whole equation out of whack. I’d rather just ignore him. :frowning:

Those books sucked cock, lets hope the movie can make it good.

I’m very excited about these movies as well. :smiley: When are they supposed to be released? (assuming there will be more than one)

The trailers look interesting, but I really wish they’d make Dragonlance as well as LotR because I’d rather see some characters that have at least reached puberty deal with some stuff. This looks to be a cross between Harry Potter and LotR, and don’t get me wrong, I love both. I just have never read Narnia.

I wonder how many people (in the general public, I mean) realize that Narnia was a Christian allegory? :slight_smile:

And yeah, The Lion has always looked fake in live action, hope they get him right this time.

It’s funny you mention that, because back in grade school we watched the old movie and some girl had to sit outside in the hall because her overly religious Christian parents forbid her from seeing it. In retrospect, I find it amusingly ironic. Even more ironic is she was one of the girls that totally broke out and went wild because she was so repressed. Well, that part isn’t really ironic, but I still think it’s hilarious.