I've been here for almost a year! Smite me with your attention!

Yeah. Gimme your questions, flames, or what have you. Come September 1, I’ll answer/counter/ignore them. Riding the coattails of an annoying fad… good fun. Mods, sticky if you want, don’t if you don’t, doesn’t really matter to me. If it dies, it dies, and if I die… well that means one less stupid annoying person at RPGC. (NOTE: That does NOT mean I’m depressed/suicidal/what have you, altho as I’m typing this I am in a pretty shitty mood. But don’t ask about that, cuz I won’t answer.)

Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?!

Well, um, gee, happy anniversary and stuff. Which sounds rather out of place given the vibe of shittiness coming from the tone of your post. But anyway…

Yeah, happy anniversary. Whether it actually is happy or not.

So, um, I guess my question (questions) is (are), what drew you here initially, and what keeps you here now, in spite of the aspects of this place you’ve expressed displeasure over.

Do you remember that magical night we spent together in Autumn?

First off, the attention. huggles Nessa :slight_smile:

Kay, a few questions.

How’d you come up with your name?
What celebrity do you hate most?
And why do you drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?

Smite you? I’m not going to hit you- its not like you attacked me or anything.

I only have one question- Have you seen my pants? ^^;;;

Will you marry me?

First things frist, why September 1st, and not the 2nd, which is when your profile says you joined?

And how does it feel to be one year old, on RPGC?

Originally posted by Hiryuu
Will you marry me?

Take me! Take your kitsune! ;_;

flying tackle hugs Nessa

I’ve been here a year and didn’t notice. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Errr… Ummmmm… Don’t got a Q for ya, so… Yeah.

Would you take a bullet for me?

Do you hate George Bush?

Screw Hiryuu. Will you marry me?

Will you marry George Bush?

If you could assassinate 10 people who would they be?

If you could devour any 10 things what would they be?

If you could reproduce with any 10 people who would they be?

How did your school deal turn out?

Did you miss me? (For that matter did you even know I wasn’t here?)

How have you been these past few months?

Any new games that make you drool? (or upcoming for that matter)

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

… and…

Who’s Doobie?

Remember that time we went down to Cuba and killed those two people? Yeah, the skinny one with the faux Korean accent? And then we said “Well we DON’T have smokeys!” and you smacked them around with the…uh…yeah, that thing? And then we drove the…thing…and…yeah, you remember, right?

And if you could devour any 10 people who would they be?


In what way would you like to be smited?

When are you coming to Maine?

Do you forgive me for not playing a lot of SD3 with you this summer?

Am I still Your Orakian Hero? :slight_smile:

And what’s your favorite Get Wise episode?

Wtf is a “coattail”?